The Autonomous Republic of Adjara is located in the southwest of Georgia (the South Caucasus), on the Black Sea coast and borders with Turkey. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. The beauty of Adjara’s nature is not only the clean shores of the Black Sea but also the mountain ranges of the Lesser Caucasus and the boundless dense forests, gorges, waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and stormy rivers. If you are planning your summer holidays in one of the resort towns of Adjara, we offer a short virtual tour to the most interesting places of the resort:

Resort cities of Adjara



In recent years the centre of Adjara Batumi has changed dramatically, turning into a modern European resort city with unique architecture, beautiful clean beaches and amazing nature.

It is quite easy to navigate around the city as the interesting places are concentrated in the city center and along the coast. The heart of the city is Batumi Boulevard which it is considered the most popular place for vacationers. On both sides of the boulevard, you’ll find all kinds of cafes and clubs. Old Batumi district is no less interesting: it’s famous for its cozy narrow streets, and old buildings.

Both budget tourists and guests with a gold card can spend an unforgettable vacation in Batumi as there are luxurious five-star hotels and guest houses with lower prices.

You can enjoy the beauty of the city from a bird’s flight by taking a short trip on a ropeway. The Batumi ropeway is the longest one in Georgia. The lower station is located at the port, on Chavchavadze Street. On the observation deck there is a cafe, where it is always nice to sit and admire the city.

There is an interesting place not far from Batumi – Batumi Botanical Garden which is a huge infrastructure stretching for almost 2.5 km. The park is divided into 20 sectors with a wide variety of tropical and subtropical plants and trees. The park is very nice and convenient: there are observation platforms, fountains, cafes, benches for rest and free Wi-Fi. The most interesting part of the park is a bamboo plantation.

Besides of Batumi in Adjara, there are several resort cities and towns that are suitable for a family vacation:



Kobuleti stretches for 9 km along the coast. On the right side there is a beach area and on the left you will see hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes. On the shore there are of restaurants and beach clubs: in the evenings, loud music sounds from the restaurants, and each in its turn tries to be the loudest.

Kobuleti is visited exclusively for beach holidays, but in addition to the resort area there are several churches, the Greek fortress of Petra on the beach, a mosque and ancient bridges on the River Kintrishi.


The resort village Chakvi is located 13 km from Batumi and 12 km from Kobuleti. The resort town is surrounded by the Botanical Garden from one side and Petra fortress from the other.

Chakvi beach is ideal for those who like solitude and quiet vacation without noisy neighbors. Here you are alone with the sea.

The village is known as the birthplace of tea growing in Adjara. In imperial times, a tea specialist from China arrived in Chakvi and planted the first grades of tea.


A small village Sarpi is located at the very border with Turkey. The border crossing building is a unique modern building, and probably the main attraction of the village. Sarpi is all about the cleanest water and rocky coast. On the left side the road leads up into dense forests and mountains. Sapri has an indescribable natural beauty, which attracts tourists.

There are many other no less unique and interesting places in Georgia for pleasent active, extreme or beach holidays. Just choose any package tours to Georgia (country) you wish and let this hospitable country embrace you!

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  1. Maria

    I rested last month in Georgia. It was a really unforgettable vacation.
    A lot of picturesque places.
    The attractive Black Sea.
    The coast is really clean. Many cozy restaurants and cafes.

    • izy

      It’s a truly special place, isn’t it? I’m glad you had a great trip!

  2. Rolly

    I really enjoyed the trip to Georgia.My trave experiencel a little and I was just thrilled. Beautiful beaches, many new people, a good hotel, it was excellent. I want to save some money in order to go back there once again. i wanna say thanks for u.

  3. Andrew Ross

    Batumi, like Adjaria itself, is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the CIS, and perhaps the whole world. A unique and incomparable nature where temperate and subtropical climates are combined will leave no one indifferent. And the beauty of Batumi itself is impressive – the ancient city and modern infrastructure are combined here into one. Everyone will find here a treat for themselves, from ancient sights to nightclubs and restaurants. Nobody will not be indifferent to the longest cable car too. The beauty that opens it is simply indescribable. A delightful place with excellent nature and a friendly and friendly population.

    • izy

      The longest cable car definitely sounds fun. The views must be incredible.

  4. James

    I and my family went to Georgia 2 months ago. We were surprised by the climate, because come from Canada. Sun, warm sea, amazing place.My daughter didnt want to leave it. Hope will back soon.

    • izy

      I love places with warmer climates and hate the cold. Thankfully it’s summer now in Canada at least, but maybe you’ll need to visit again soon!

  5. Sasha

    I’ve been to Georgia last year and that was an amazing experience! Nice and friendly people, delicious food, old churches, nature. I’ve visited Adjara as well on my way to Turkey. I had really great time there relaxing on the beach and watching sunsets.

    • izy

      I’m glad you had such a great trip, Sasha. Thanks so much for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  6. Abi

    I’d never thought of heading to the Black Sea for summer, for some reason. Georgia looks much prettier than I’d imagined. Adding it to my mental list…


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