2014 is set to be a great year of travel for the both of us. Ben’s competing in a few races around the world, so we’re using them as the basis for travel destinations.

Ben’s competitions for this year are as follows:

Early March – Competing in the New Zealand Surf Life Saving Nationals in Ohope, New Zealand

Early April – Competing in the Australian Surf Life Saving Nationals in Perth, Australia

Mid September – Competing in the World Surf Life Saving Championships in Montpellier, France

Because Izy’s work is location independent and some of Ben’s work is too, we’re lucky enough to be able to work while we travel. This means we can plan decent sized holidays without worrying about annual leave or taking a drastic cut in our wages.

So our travel plans for 2014 are as follows:

March we’ll head to Ohope and the surrounding area for about a week. We’ll spend a few days in Auckland visiting friends, but Ben will be back into training full force so there wont be much of a holiday for him until after Australian Life Saving Nationals in Perth.

We’ll head to Perth where we’ll spend about a week. Ben will be busy warning up and getting into competition mode again, so Izy will spend a fair bit of solo time exploring the beach, sightseeing and seeing what this city has to offer.

From there we’ll both fly to Bali, one of Izy’s favourite places in South East Asia. We haven’t decided how long we’ll spend there, it might only be a short trip of two weeks, or it might wind up being a month long trip visiting somewhere else in Asia. This will be Ben’s first trip to Asia so we’re quite excited about it.

We might head to Sydney on the way home from Bali as Izy has family there and Ben’s not visited this Australia city yet.

The real big adventure will come in September, as we head to France for the World Surf Champs and then spend two or three months exploring Europe. It will be an interesting trip as we’ll be balancing freelance work as well as travel and we can’t wait to get started.

From there, who knows? We are both pretty keen on visiting South America, so I may need to saunter over to www.latinamericaforless.com and see if they can get us on the right track. Who knows where we’ll end up in the future 🙂