Hoping to do more travel this year without breaking the bank? While you may assume travelling will wipe out your savings account, it’s entirely possible to see the world on a budget.

Here are some top tips for cheap travel:

Choose your destination carefully

Often, the best way to save some serious moolah is to consider where you’d like to travel. Some countries are simply much cheaper to travel, while others will have you feeling tense and anxious whenever you do the currency conversion.

Some great budget destinations include: Northern Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Portugal, Hungary, Guatemala, the Cook Islands, Croatia, Mexico, and more.


Go all-inclusive

If you find that you’re constantly returning home feeling broke after a holiday, a more all-inclusive option could be great for you. That’s because you’ll have paid for the majority of your trip before you go- making it much easier to budget accordingly. One great option? Cruising. This gives you the chance to see a bunch of destinations while relaxing on those days when you’re at sea. Plus, there are constantly cruise deals available, with bonuses like on-board credit and more.

Keep an eye on flights

Airlines are being forced to be more competitive, and flights are getting cheaper. If you’re planning a trip, flights from New Zealand or Australia will often be a large portion of your expenses. That’s why it’s a good idea to start looking at flights to different destinations well in advance. Airlines often have sales, and finding cheap flights will give you more money to spend while you’re actually away on holiday.

Stay local

While travelling in Oceania can be much more expensive than Southeast Asia or Europe, you won’t have to purchase flights or deal with jetlag. Often, it only makes sense to fly long-haul if you can get enough time off work to make it worth it. If you can only get a week or ten days off work, it’s worth looking in your own backyard. Keep an eye out for domestic travel deals, and spend some time exploring your own country this year.

Travel in a group

While solo travel is a great way to meet new people and avoid the compromises that come with group travel, it can be more expensive. If you’re hoping to travel on a budget, traveling with a friend or two can help you cut down on costs. That’s because you’ll be able to split the cost of hotel rooms, food, and more.

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