A recent study found that, on average, 3,062 burglaries happen in the U.S. every day. This is incredibly disconcerting, especially when your home is your safe place. 

While you should always make an effort to keep your home safe, this becomes particularly important when traveling. After all, unless you have asked somebody house sit, it’s likely that your home will be unoccupied for the entirety of your travels.

With that in mind, here are some simple yet effective ways to ensure your home is safe when on vacation, giving you greater peace of mind when you set off on your next adventure. 

Enhance your privacy. The first step toward preventing burglaries (at any time) is to improve your home’s overall privacy features. For example, tinted windows mean that outsiders cannot see any valuables you have within your home or whether or not anybody is present within your property. You can find out more about tinted window installation here: https://metrotinttx.com/

Ask someone to check in periodically. If you are going to be travelling for weeks or months on end, you should ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check in on your home periodically. If they notice any issues, they can quickly contact the relevant authorities and keep you informed throughout the process. If not, they can provide you with greater peace of mind by letting you know that everything is okay. 

Install a smart doorbell. Smart technology can help you transform your home from top to bottom. However, not only can it make your day-to-day life easier, but it can also enhance home security quite considerably. For example, doorbells that have video recording capabilities mean that you can see who is standing on your doorstep, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. Generally speaking, this kind of security enhancement deters theft and burglary, as it means that evidence is being captured that can later be used in court. 

Double and triple-check that you’ve locked the doors. While this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised about the number of people who willfully leave their homes unlocked when heading out. For example, a recent study found that  “42% of people said they regularly leave their home unlocked,” which leaves them much more vulnerable to burglary. After all, it means that you are giving trespassers easy access to your home. Before travelling, be sure to lock all windows and doors – and double-check so that you won’t be left questioning whether or not you completed this essential task. 

Let your neighbors know you are away. Letting your closest neighbors know when you’re vacationing (and when you’ll be back) can also be useful. This way, if they notice any activity on or around your property while you’re away, they’ll be able to take action accordingly. 

Final Thoughts. 

In a perfect world, you would not need to think about the safety of your home when traveling. Instead, you’d be able to focus solely on having fun and making lasting memories. However, the steps outlined above should make it easier for you to do exactly that!

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