If you think that world travel while studying sounds completely unrealistic and altogether difficult, it may be time to rethink this view. Thanks to incredible technological possibilities and more flexible arrangements being offered by education and training providers, it is now completely possible (and quite exciting) to simultaneously travel and study.


Explore Your Options (and Explore the World)

You may be surprised to know that an incredible range of courses are available in both online and on-campus modes and that many courses are now characterised by greater flexibility than ever before. To learn more about the options available, consult with an established and credible training provider, such as Careers Australia.

You may also be interested to know that many courses do not necessarily entail university study. Courses ranging in duration, assessment and qualifications exist and can be a very useful way to enhance your skill base, increase your employability, and advance your career.

Recognise That Balance Is Required

You should have no misgivings that international travel while studying is easy. Combining the two definitely requires hard work and thoughtful planning. To be an effective student and traveller, you must stay motivated, manage your time well, and make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Select a Course That You Really Want to Study

There’s little point in studying just for the sake of it while you are travelling. You should only study because you really want to and must opt for a course that parallels your interests and ultimate career aspirations. If you try to study something that you are not truly passionate about, you will have difficulty staying motivated and the need to complete assessments while you travel will be annoying and arduous.

Conversely, combining travel with a course that you really want to study can increase your motivation to do well. In some instances, the synthesis of travel and study enables you to spend time in the field and in destinations that are relevant to your course and future career.


Tailor Your Travel Itinerary Around Course Requirements

To be successful while studying, it’s vital to plan your travel itinerary around the assessments and requirements of your course. If there is a major assessment due, there’s very little point in planning a busy week full of action. Rather, plan to travel to quiet, low-key destinations during busy and stressful weeks of study to avoid distraction and trying to complete your work when you are exhausted.

Ensure Reliable Access to Technology

If you are studying while you travel, you will be reliant on internet access. You need to ensure that, wherever you travel while studying, you have a good internet connection and the specific tools and technology needed to stay connected. As a student, you will have access to some great student wifi deals, so this shouldn’t be too much of a financial burden for you.

Studying while travelling is now completely possible and definitely realistic. However, to travel and study successfully, you need to be prepared, thoughtful, and very well organised. It also helps to be truly passionate and interested in the course that you are undertaking and plan your travel according to the demands of your course.

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