Unfortunately, for most of us anyway, it’s impossible to live our entire lives on vacation. Could you imagine how wonderful that would be? Never having to do your own laundry or your own dishes? Heaven! While this is a fantasy for most of us, there are small changes you can make around your home to ensure it feels more like a resort. If you’re looking to invest a little and to make some changes to have a more relaxing home, keep reading to check out my top 3 ways to make your home feel like a resort:

1. A Pool
One of my favourite things about being on holiday is how much time I get to spend outside by the pool. Obviously, this doesn’t work if you’re going somewhere that’s cold, but I’m not a huge fan of the cold anyway so most of my holidays are to places where the sun is shining and there’s a giant pool. If you don’t live somewhere that’s warm all year round, don’t worry you can always install the best solar water heater for pool so that no matter the temperature outside, your pool is the perfect temperature for a dip. If you’re worried about your normal water pipes, check out Heat Line for some solutions.  I’m sure your friends will be very receptive to you investing in a pool for your home as then you’ll be able to host pool parties. Investing in solar water heating for your pool also means you won’t spend a fortune on your power bills each month keeping it up and running when it’s cold out. Know more about heat pump glossary here.

2. Good Linen
One of my favourite things about staying in a resort is all the nice linens – from the fancy robes, the comfy slippers, all the way to the high-quality bedding. A simple way to have this same experience at home is to invest in good quality linen. High-quality products will last years, providing you with such a long time to enjoy the quality difference. I personally love using slippers at home, a habit I picked up from staying in resorts because it keeps my feet cosy and feels like a little touch of luxury even though slippers are relatively inexpensive. I personally have two types of robes – one for the warmer months which is lighter weight and silky, and another for the cooler months. Slipping into a robe after a hot shower makes you feel like you’re enjoying a little bit of that resort life every morning. When you combine this comfort with the feel of luxury apartments, you can scratch the travel itch for a little longer without needing to leave your home. 

3. A Nespresso Machine
I personally love little coffee makers in the bedroom in hotels – it’s such a simple thing but brings me so much joy so early in the morning. I decided to invest in my own Nespresso machine so that I can have a cafe quality coffee at home every morning. There’s such a great range of flavours available so I’m sure you can find your new favourite coffee. This is a small way you can make your mornings feel a little more luxurious.

These three simple tips can make your every day feel a little more fancy – so feel free to implement them and enjoy that resort living at home!

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