This isn’t our first blog! Izy blogs at The Wrong Way Home and Ben blogs at .

We decided to create a joined blog for friends and family who are interested in seeing what we’re both up to. We also created it because we’re looking to explore a few things in the coming years which I think will be interesting to others, including

*Traveling as a couple
*Working online and being location independent
*Living overseas

Izy’s already had a stint at working and living overseas, twice as an au pair (once in the Czech Republic and the other time in Spain). She also did some online copywriting through Elance for a while to fund her travels at the end of 2012. We’re exploring other options and really excited about where it might take us. We’re open to living overseas for an extended period of time so long as it’s close enough to a good track and/or beach so Ben can keep training.

In time we hope to guest post on other blogs, sharing the love around. If you have a blog you’d like us to guest post on, please get in touch.

Happy Adventures!