When you have a holiday home, there are two main options to consider when you’re looking to spruce it up. Firstly, is it just going to be your retreat from nine to five? Secondly, if it’s going to be your retreat but you want to make some money when you’re not there, then you’re going to want to rent it out. You want to make it look good, maybe update some parts of it, but not spend too much money on it.


Renting out

The chances are that you’re not going to spend every weekend in your holiday home, much as you may want to. It’s important then to think about not only your own comfort in your home away from home but also the comfort and experience for your guests when they rent it.

Comfort and charm

Many travelers like to rent a house that has some character in it. If they didn’t, then they’d go to a hotel where everything is the same. You need to think of ways to make your holiday home comfortable and charming for your guests.

If you have a garden, then put some cut flowers in the rooms; make sure the beds you have are comfortable (sleep in them for a night to check this out). The same goes for furniture. You could cut corners with futons or wicker furniture, but it’s worth going for durable chairs and sofas so that they will last and also make your guests really feel at home.

You’re looking to present a charming place for people to stay, so look at what they’ll desire. In a city center apartment, for example, guests may expect more contemporary-style furnishings, whereas in a beach property, seashell print curtains would work.

When you’re renting out your holiday home, your main concentration has to be on what experience the people renting it are going to have. Nylon linen on the beds is not a good idea – it smacks of doing things on the cheap. All your cooking utensils, crockery, and cutlery need to be spotless, and your floors should be cleaned very carefully. Stray hairs in a shower or bathroom floor are a real turn-off for visitors.


Keep your costs down

Making some money is a major reason for renting out your holiday property, but you really don’t have to spend a lot to decorate it. You will want to keep your costs down to justify your investment and not spend on expensive items that could be ruined by children or people having a party.

When it comes to your window coverings, you could choose affordable fauxwood shutters. They are simple and practical, allowing privacy as well as letting in plenty of natural light when you need it, and they’re very easy to clean and maintain.

Home away from home

The best way forward is to keep things simple but of good quality, so when you have visitors, they’ll leave having enjoyed a comfortable stay and tell other people about their pleasant experience.

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