I love using Airbnb when I travel, so much so that I bought an apartment to rent out on Airbnb. It’s such a fun concept, because when you travel and stay in an Airbnb you can live more like a local; you’ll have a kitchen, can pop to the local store, and cook at ‘home’. You’ll have more space and if you’re lucky even a washer drier. The truth is there’s a bunch of great benefits to using Airbnb and I wanted to share them with you. Recently Schofields Insurance did a survey on the accommodation preference of travellers and found out that 44% of travellers have used Airbnb in their travels.

Have you used it yet? No? Well maybe you should consider these 4 reasons why I love using Airbnb when I travel!

1. It Makes Travel Cheaper
Airbnb is cheaper than hotels of comparable quality, especially if you are renting a multi bedroom home or apartment. Whenever I take my little sisters away, I always choose Airbnb as we save money by cooking breakfast and some meals at home, as well as saving on the actual accommodation costs. If the Airbnb property has a washer/drier, you’ll also save a bunch on laundry costs.

2. It Makes Travel More Comfortable
You’ll likely have a living area – or two – which means there’s more areas to chill out, get space from your travel companions, and some alone time. I work, even while traveling, so if there’s an Airbnb with a desk, that’s a huge advantage to me as well as I can have my own office space on the road. I also love the segregation that homes vs hotel rooms have, there’s just more bang for your bang and it’s more comfortable.

3. Live Local
You can discover a suburb where people live, rather than being smack bam in the centre of town as most hotels are. If you’re in a more residential area, you’ll probably be surrounded by cheaper supermarkets and corner stores, ensuring that you can find anything you may need to prepare nearby.

4. It Helps People Out
Many people rent their homes or spare rooms out to make a little extra money. I personally like knowing that money is helping someone directly, rather than going in the pocket of already very wealthy business people who own the hotels. I love how Airbnb allows us to help out the ‘little guy’.

If you haven’t tried Airbnb, consider giving it a go. I’ve never had a bad experience and it really enhances my travel experience and best of all, saves me money.

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