Starting from the 26th of February, Adelaide is hosting what could be a memorable treat for those with a fine taste in music, dance and other forms of art. Currently in its 50th year of celebrations, the Adelaide Festival is among the much-awaited yearly events.


The Best Names in Art and Culture

Drive down to Adelaide and get a chance to watch some of the biggest names in the world of art do what they do best. With artists such as Philip Glass, Alan Ginsberg, Nina Simone and Isabelle Huppert, the festival offers a chance for art lovers to attend a diverse array of performances in the form of music, dance and literary events.

Events across Venues

Opt for a car hire in Adelaide to conveniently make it to the Adelaide Oval, the Town Hall, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation and many other venues across the city to be a part of the prestigious celebration of art from around the world. Watch some of the most acclaimed theatre productions, listen to some of the best musicians in the world and feel the magic of the breath-taking choreographies.

Hosted during the warm months of March, the weather creates a memorable setting for all the performances that take place during the weeks of the festival.

Ticketing Information

The official website of the Adelaide Festival offers comprehensive information on all the events by date. You can buy tickets to various performances online or by calling the numbers provided. Entry to a few events during the festival are freebut make sure you book tickets in advance for the concerts and theatre performances well in advance.

Most Sought After Events at the Festival


The Stadium Spectacular

For a night, the Adelaide Oval will explode into a magical 55-minute pyrotechnic event by Groupe F, best known for their works in two Olympic ceremonies, a residency at the Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day. If you happen to be attending the festival right from day one, do not miss this spectacular display of fireworks and illumination.

The James Play Trilogy

On February 27th and 28th, you can watch the Australian premiere of Rona Munro’s new historical trilogy live at the Adelaide Festival Centre Theatre. While each one of the three plays stands alone, they come together to offer over 11 hours of political and historical intrigue that will keep you gripped to your seats.

Make it a point to arrive at the venue before time to avoid queues. Driving around Adelaide for the festival can allow you to optimise time and make it to all your favourite performances.


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