Planning a vacation? This could be your lucky day. We’re about to share some good advice and tell you about a number of high-tech gizmos and gadgets that may go a very long way toward ensuring that your next holiday getaway is packed with fun. To that end, we are pleased to present the following top tech tips and planning pointers that may help you vacation in savvy style.


Travel tips for globetrotters in the know


Vacation experts at Cocktails and High Heels magazine offer three simple tips for travelers who wish to come home feeling refreshed, not in need of another vacation getaway. Their number one tip is to plan ahead, no matter how brief or extensive a travel itinerary. Book flights, trains and lodging well in advance of your holiday dates, and you will spare yourself and your traveling companions much undue stress. Sort your sightseeing details before you go, and chances are very good that you will arrive home with a smile, not a grimace.


The same excursion experts at Cocktails and High Heels advise savvy travelers to download and use an iOS or Android app for live weather to help them snatch a seven-day weather forecast for whichever destination they are planning to visit. Doing so will help the traveler pack the right sort of clothes that will suit climate considerations for the length of their holiday getaway. Packing smart means more than just knowing whether to bring along a backpack stuffed with shorts, sandals and tee-shirts or fill one’s suitcases with scarves, gloves and heavy duty coats.


Plan for emergency medical care


The travel experts’ third suggestion involves preparing for the worst before you go. Yes, it may sound a bit pessimistic at first, but scanning medical records that might be needed during a vacation emergency can be a lifesaver. Email the records to yourself and to a trusted friend, too. If and when you require stat access to medical info, you’ll be glad you planned ahead.


Well-connected luggage


As far as high-tech travel devices go, few of them offer a bigger bunch of benefits than the BlueSmart carry-on suitcase. Measuring an ideal 22 inches by 14 inches, the BlueSmart suitcase boasts a built-in scale that takes the guesswork out of meeting airline weight restrictions, says International Business Times. In addition, the BlueSmart travel bag comes with dedicated pockets to protect your laptop, tablet and other electronic devices. Not only that –this stylish high-tech travel suitcase has a built-in battery that can keep your devices ready to use everywhere you go. And if your luggage goes in another direction and winds up getting lost, the BlueSmart’s integrated GPS and mobile app can help you find it in a hurry.


We hope you’ll explore these simple tips and try a few high-tech gadgets that might make your next vacation something super special.

Charlie Holmes adores travel and has worked in the travel industry for many years in a variety of different roles. He writes about a range of travel topics in his articles, these appearing on travel, lifestyle, even personal finance blogs.

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