Australia is renowned for its vast landscapes and diverse scenery; from the red dessert at the heart of the country to the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a sight to be seen. And there’s no better way to explore the country and completely experience it than with a good, old-fashioned road trip.

Before you head off to explore the wide, open land, make sure you’ve roughly planned your route, booked all of your overnight accommodation in camp sites or motels, and have some cash at the ready so you can enjoy the fare at every pit stop. Here are Australia’s top five road trips to whet your appetite.


1. The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, stretching for some 243 kilometers along Victoria’s eastern coast, is perhaps Australia’s most famous road trip. Locals, interstate travellers, and foreign tourists flock to the area throughout the year to marvel at the spectacular coastline and take in the beauty of the Twelve Apostles, world-class surf breaks, and cute seaside towns. There’s no wonder that this strip is heritage listed!

2. Brisbane to Cairns

If you don’t have the time to make the leisurely trip up the eastern coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns, opt to start in sunny Brisbane and make your way north. You’ll pass through sleepy beachside towns, popular tourist destinations, and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef region. It’s a long drive, so it’s best to take a week, even more, to really experience all the east coast of Queensland has to offer. If you haven’t had enough by the time you reach Cairns, continue north towards Cape York. And, if you encounter any traffic legalities in the sunshine state, be sure to seek the assistance of legal professionals who specialise in traffic law, such as GC Traffic Lawyers.

3. The Nullarbor Plain

If you’re not the coastal type, head inland to the Nullarbor Plain and drive the stretch from Ceduna in South Australia to Perth on the western coast. Like the Brisbane to Cairns trip, this one is best if you give yourself plenty of time to soak up the desert-like landscape at the country’s core.


4. Tasmania

Hit the Heritage Highway and enjoy the gourmet foodie trail on the original road between Launceston and Hobart. Tasmania may seem isolated to mainland Australia, but the nation’s history is scattered throughout the island state, so there’s a lot to see and explore. This road trip is great for a long weekend getaway that will leave you feeling like you’ve been exploring for weeks.

5. Sydney to Melbourne

Finally, the Sydney to Melbourne route is perfect for both the city-slicker looking for a change of scenery and the foreign backpacker here to explore the land down under. It’s a popular strip between two of the country’s major cities, and one that you can conquer in a day if you leave early enough. Prepare to be transported from the picturesque Sydney Harbor to Victoria’s very own cosmopolitan concrete jungle in no time.

So there you have it! Australia is home to some great places that will keep you exploring for weeks at a time.

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