Whether you’ve been together for as long as you can remember or you’re new at this couples game, there’s nothing like a romantic weekend away to either reinvigorate your relationship or get to know each other better.

Sunset Romance

The Planning

Firstly, are you planning the trip together or is this a surprise for your partner?

Obviously, if you’re planning together you need to discuss what you want and where you’re going to go. Done correctly, the planning can be great fun, so keep it light and calm and try not to let any squabbling over location or itinerary stop you from enjoying your time.

If you’re planning a surprise, you can have a lot of fun but it’s important to think about your partner and what they’ll want. One person’s idea of romance might be the classic trip to Paris or Rome whilst another might yearn for a weekend at a festival, rally or museum. If you’re planning to surprise your partner with a trip, make sure it’s something that sets their heart beating. However, don’t try so hard to get it perfect for them that you end up being miserable either. They might fancy a weekend at a Star Wars convention* but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to book it!


(*Disclaimer: there’s nothing wrong with Star Wars conventions if that’s what you’re both into!)

If you’re short on inspiration, HomeAway offers some great advice on where to choose for a romantic break in the UK, whilst the Rough Guide’s 20 Fantastically Romantic Places photo guide is also a great starting point. Also consider that by thinking a bit more outside the box, you might be able to avoid crowds of tourists. For example, the Eiffel Tower is absolutely worthy of your bucket list and time, but do you really want to spend a good portion of your romantic weekend queuing at the bottom of it?

Tourist couple on travel taking selfie photo by Trevi Fountain i

The Actual Weekend

The one thing guaranteed to kill the romance is being reminded of things you forgot to do at home. Of course, nobody can plan for an emergency situation but if you’ve ensured that the children (if you have any) are taken care of and have plans, that you’ve found someone responsible to feed the cat and that you’ve turned off from work mode, you’re good to go.

Look up ‘tips for a romantic weekend’ on the internet and you’ll be faced with horror stories about clean, new underwear and personal grooming. Of course, these are important but we’re kind of hoping you’ll be able to remember to shave your legs and that stubble you think makes you look distinguished and hip before you go!

So, here’s the biggest tip of them all – ditch your phone.

Literally, nothing says romance killer like you checking Facebook every two seconds and your significant other reading the football scores over dinner. Make a pact between you that phones are for emergencies only and spend your time gazing into each others eyes.

That being said, don’t forget to photograph your weekend. You’ll want to remember it and a picture, or a series of pictures is a great way to do it. Plus, making a photo album of your trip for your next anniversary is sure to score some points!

Thinking of an extended break? Check out our post on Travel Tips for Couples.


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