Picking the best carpet installers is a bit like choosing a spouse. You need to be completely happy in all aspects of the “relationship.” Yes, your relationship between yourself and your chosen installation company is a lot like a marriage, as everything should be smooth sailing with very few arguments. With that said, you need to be choosy and understand exactly what a good carpet installation company is like. Here are some tips.

Ask For Recommendations

Before you hop on Google and begin searching for carpet installers near you, ask your friends and family which companies they’ve dealt with in the past. They might have some good suggestions. You can also ask your neighbors and co-workers – anyone that you trust – to see if they have opinions regarding the best companies to choose.

Look Up Reviews

There are several different places to search for online reviews of carpet installers in your area. Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and even Google are great places to start. Just keep in mind that some people will leave negative reviews for the smallest of reasons. However, if you see a number of reviews with the same complaint, then that is a company that you should steer clear of.

Ask About Training Certifications

Although carpet installation isn’t overly regulated in most states, many of the best companies will have their employees go through some sort of training. This means they might have some official certifications to prove that they know what they are doing. Ask about this, as well as any licensing or other requirements that might exist.


Make Sure the Company Is Bonded

Take the time to ask the person in charge of the carpet installation company if they are officially licensed to work as a contractor in the area and if they are fully bonded or insured. If they are and something gets damaged in your house, then their insurance will cover it. If the company is not insured, do not hire them to do the job. This will leave you responsible for any damages, which is a very bad thing.

Check Out Their Tools

The best carpet installation contractors will allow you to see the tools that they use. They’ll also be receptive to answering questions about them. Many carpet installation professionals use carpet stretchers and other means of getting the carpet in the right place and stretched into the corners of your room. Don’t be surprised if the tools are dirty since this is a sign that they get a lot of use.

Don’t Hire a Company That Contacts You

The very best carpet installation companies are busy enough that they don’t need to seek out new clients. Instead, they know that their reputation precedes them and clients come to them. If someone knocks on your door or calls you, saying that they can install carpets and handle other types of home improvement work, do not hire them. These are signs of scammers, who might or might not do the job correctly.

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