Weather stations can do more than just warn you about impending lightning strikes or incoming high winds. They are the perfect defense for your property, regardless of whether you are a small business or a school. When you need a reliable weather station, Earth Networks has the right equipment for your budget.

Monitoring Stations Keep You Ahead of Inclement Conditions

Weather monitoring stations are not only able to handle inclement conditions, they can provide data that will provide crucial information you can use year-round. With this information you can prepare for severe weather, protect people and property, and streamline your operations. Weather stations analyze over 25 atmospheric conditions to get you the best information.

A school weather station is the first line of defense regardless of whether you live in the soggy South, or snowy Northeast. These devices are built to withstand any condition, as they sit atop the school’s roof. The online weather center takes those images and gets them immediately onto your computer.

Lightning Sensors Allow You to Have Peace of Mind for Your Family

Lightning can be an indicator of serious weather conditions including high winds, hail, and tornadoes. With a lightning sensor, you can feel safe with your kids at school during severe weather conditions. Lightning sensors are the best and quickest way to detect strikes in your area.

With proprietary sensor technology you can enjoy 30 minutes of warning time for strikes. Earth Networks uses GPS Technology to not only locate strikes, but more accurately classify them. With a Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert you will be notified quicker in the event of dangerous lightning.

Lightning sensors and weather stations can be the perfect way to alert you to any incoming dangerous weather. With this information, you will be able to better protect your family. Check out the full line of products from Earth Networks and you will notice an immediate improvement in your storm preparedness.

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