The nice thing about travelling far from home is that you have a chance to experience something completely new for a few days or even longer. And, the bad thing about travelling is that you completely lose a sense of the familiar for a few days or even longer. In most cases, the good far outweighs the bad, which is why we keep getting on the plane. But occasionally, something familiar is nice.

Retaining a sense of the familiar is the best reason to vape instead of smoke while overseas, and there are some other reasons as well.

No Stress over Local Laws

Some localities, states, and countries forbid smoking in public places, and it is not always easy to ascertain the laws based just on signage. The only way to know for sure is to research the laws yourself before you arrive, and no one really has the time to do that.

Since e-cigarettes release no secondhand smoke, it is legal to use them pretty much anywhere. So, that’s one less thing to stress about.

No “Pariah” Effect

At home, most of us have a circle of smoking friends that we can always count on for acceptance. But away from home, that’s probably not the case, and especially if we travel for business, that could be a major problem, because no one likes to be alone.

Vaping releases no unpleasant odors whatsoever, and it also serves as a cool conversation starter, because vaping is still very much a novelty.

Lower Cost

When travelling, you probably want to spend your money on something other than cigarettes. And in many cases, a quality pack can cost up to $30. Particularly if you’re on a two or three-week trip, that cost quickly adds up.

Vaping, on the other hand, is about 40 percent cheaper than smoking, even including the higher startup costs. So, feel free to buy a cheap T-shirt for that relative back home that you do not particularly like.

Different Flavors

You can enjoy the different kinds of Nasty Juice or other e-liquids anytime and anywhere. In fact, many vapers report that experiencing the different flavors are one of the top benefits of vaping.

As an added bonus, the flavor lingers in the vapor, so other people aren’t as turned off by your habit.

Less Dangerous than Cigarettes

Travelling through a foreign country is a really bad time to have a minor medical or other emergency, because of the difficulty in finding quality care and the added difficulty of finding a way to pay for it.

Choosing e-cigarettes over paper cigarettes is simply another way to relax a little more, which is why most of us vape and smoke in the first place

The next time you pack your bags for a trip, don’t forget to pack e-cigarettes and necessary accessories.


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