There’s nothing quite like Norway and the Norse countries out there. Magical and simple at the same time, displaying a low pitched -yet-fascinating kind of beauty, these parts of the Globe are not for the faint of heart.

They are an adventure and a life-changing experience. Seeing how people live in one of the Northernmost countries in the world and how they manage to be the happiest people on Earth despite living in a very cold, and, at times, very dark area – now, that’s something you will want to take home and share with your grandkids years from now.

What are the absolute unmissable destinations in Norway? We have some tips and ideas for you – so be sure to read on if you are looking for inspiration on where in Norway to travel next. If you’re planning your next trip to Norway or anywhere else in Europe check out this great range of holiday packages to save money and get your dream holiday!


Located in the South of Norway, Bergen is a city that will really conquer your heart – especially if you are fascinated with the Northern culture and the simple, beautiful way these people live their lives. Since most planes land on Oslo, you will probably want to find transportation from there to Bergen – but thanks to a downright incredible railway system, you will easily find a train from Oslo to Bergen.

Once there, you will find there are quite a lot of things to see in the surroundings. For starters, the entire city is surrounded by splendid fjords – and trust us on this, but you can spend days in a row admiring them and you will never get tired of seeing their magnificent, unique beauty (or figure out how Nature could have created something so perfectly imperfect, for that matter). Sognefjord is also located around Bergen, and it’s the longest and deepest fjord in the world – but there are others more than worth seeing as well.

Bryggen is also located in the close vicinity of Bergen. If you want to see a traditional Norse village with colorful wooden buildings, you will definitely love it there. To be honest, there’s something almost surreally beautiful about this place – kind of like a smaller, more rural, and more Northern Amsterdam.


At first, this Norway destination won’t seem much.

But the secret lies not in what it offers, but the natural show it hosts every single year.

The Northern Lights can only be seen from the Northernmost parts of Norway – and it’s really difficult to go farther up North than Svalbard, really.

Beware, this is a pretty remote location – but that’s the whole point of going there to see the Northern Lights, as they cannot be seen from the cities (and you really need clear skies as well).

Why see the Northern Lights?

Because there’s no other natural phenomena on Earth more mysterious, more awe-inspiring, or more life-changing than that. It’s as simple as that, really.


OK, technically, this is not in Norway, but it borders Norway in a way that would make you really miss out on one of the most childishly wonderful experiences of your entire life. Lapland is a region located in Finland, actually – and it borders very closely to Norway, Sweden, Russia, and the Baltic Sea.

Lapland is another good place for Northern Lights hunters – but that’s not why it landed on our list.

If you didn’t know this already, Lapland is the place Santa Claus comes from ☺ – and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s a really nice destination to think of regardless of your age, social status, or even religion.

An oasis of joy, beauty, and playfulness, Santa Claus’s town is just pure magic. Yes, there’s an actual town there. And yes, you can actually send letters there. And yes, you can totally believe in Santa Claus again once you visit this place! Return to childhood for a trip you will remember decades from now on!

The Hundreds of Small Places

The Viking Museum boasting 3 actual Viking ships dating back to the 9th century, a lot of places to eat delicious fish and game, museums dedicated to the great artists and writers of Norway, modernist buildings that will strike you with their ingenuity – there’s plenty to do and see in Norway.

In fact, there’s so much to do and see there that you could easily spend months in a row visiting all the magical corners of this frequently misunderstood country – and you would still be missing out on something.

Even the woods are different in Norway – they’re rich, they’re wild, and they’re witnesses to a history of bloodshed and trauma, victory and failure, adventure and farming, all at the same time.

Norway is one of a kind – and that’s why it’s more than worth to visit it at least once in your life, and at least at its key points. It will be something you will never, ever forget, really!


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