China is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world that records millions of foreign visitors on a yearly basis. Many want to come there and explore the beauties of various destinations. It is, of course, fully possible during regular circumstances. You just need to have good preparation especially if you come from the United States, Europe, or Australia. China is pretty far from those locations so the flight usually lasts for hours.

The destination might also present a cultural shock for the residents of these regions. That’s particularly true if you have not been to East Asia before.

Most Populous Country in the World

China is very big with extremely large cities. It is the most populous country in the entire world. 1.4 billion citizens live in China while some of the cities are home to more than 20 million residents. These are pretty different figures, comparing some European countries so the travelers have to be ready for that.

The prices are, however, pretty affordable. Many people have low salaries, but they still manage to organize their lives in a normal way due to this fact. It is also an excellent opportunity for foreign visitors. They usually do not have large costs if they travel normally. The airplane ticket is generally the most expensive part of such a trip. The expenses might, however, progressively grow if you select some luxury hotels or special services at the destination. These might have high prices and are usually reserved for elite guests. Regular tourists usually do not need such types of services so there are no high costs for them.

Get Appropriate Travel Document

When you start planning your trip, it is necessary to know foreign tourists usually need a visa to enter the country. There are different types of such traveling documents, and you should choose the most appropriate ones. The workers, for example, receive the worker visa, the students take student visa, while the ordinary tourist should apply for a regular tourist visa. Some of these might provide additional privileges within the borders of the country. You might have a right to work or study, for example. However, it is not important for ordinary visitors because they are just planning to visit particular locations and explore life in the country.

Every type of visa is typically issued by the appropriate embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. That’s the place a potential tourist has to visit first. The staff can provide you with the necessary details regarding the procedure. Usually, the applicant has to fill the necessary forms provided by the embassy. These generally require you to enter different personal details of the importance of your application.

Necessary Requirements

It is also necessary to have a valid passport with a longer expiration date. If your travel document is about to expire, you should extend it first. That’s a good way to avoid rejection. Next to the passport, you will also typically need to provide two photos of yourself. These are going together with the forms, and they will later be used for your identification at the borders and within the Chinese territory. Your visa might also have a copy of these in one of the corners.

An inviting letter is also an excellent document, and you can accelerate the procedure if you have such material. It is good proof that someone is guaranteeing your stay in the country so the authorities are usually more comfortable issuing the visa to such applicants. The staff might also ask for some additional documents and materials for you, depending on your case and status. It is, however, an individual aspect so there is just a potential for something like that to happen.

At the end of the procedure, the applicant is also required to pay some symbolic fees to cover the processing cost. The price is usually somewhere around $50 so it cannot cause big expenses. When you complete all the steps, you will just have to wait for your visa. The processing time might range from a few days to a few weeks. After receiving the visa, you will have no problem crossing the border during the validity date.

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