Mauritius has recently become the place to be for anyone planning a romantic holiday or honeymoon.  Located off the coast of Africa and in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is relatively remote, making it a more intriguing choice for a vacation than more expected destinations like Hawaii or Fiji. Plus, thanks to the wide range of airlines that now fly direct to Mauritius from all over the world, booking a flight on a commercial plane or private jet has never been easier! So, if you really want to plan a trip to remember, researching the cost to charter a private jet might even allow you to discover that flying to Mauritius in style could be more affordable than you would expect.

When we think of Mauritius, we picture, sandy, white beaches, tropical fruit and luxurious hotels, and the best in extravagance. While there are many romantic destinations with luxury resorts, umbrellas, and beach chairs, most people will get bored eventually and want to do some activities other than just swimming and sunbathing.

Mauritius has it all, and it’s the perfect choice for those wanting both adventure and relaxation.


The island is culturally diverse, and full of historic sites and geographic variation. You’ll find a huge list of activities to keep you and your special someone occupied when you’re not lying by the pool or on the beach.

When you consider the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is the most developed, however there are plenty of other options for those wanting to escape the crowds and get away from it all. Mauritius itself is famous for its warm, welcoming people, and the capital city of Port Louis (this is the wealthiest city in Africa) is full of hustle and bustle, while those looking for opportunities to shop will enjoy the garment markets in Quatre Bornes and Curepipe.

Foodies will love Mauritius, and you’ll find Chinese, French, African, and Indian cuisine to choose from, while those who like to party will enjoy the infectious, fun, nightlife. For those who carry their stress in their back or neck, a visit to one of the many great spas is a must. And if you or your partner likes golf, you’ll be able to enjoy a game or even some lessons.

Of course there are plenty of water activities too, such as snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, and scuba diving.

There are many reasons why you should relax on a luxury Mauritius holiday, and its potential for romance has to be a big plus in the honeymoon or romantic holiday column. This is an exotic destination, compared to many people who travel to the Southeast Asia, Hawaii, or the Pacific Islands (popular spots include Thailand, Bali, Rarotonga, Samoa, and Fiji) for their romantic holidays.

And for those who are thinking about a destination wedding, Mauritius would be the perfect place to tie the knot and then relax with a luxury beach honeymoon. With its great food, excellent beaches, luxury resorts, fun nightlife, friendly locals, adventure activities, and more, you can see why Mauritius continues to grow as a wedding and honeymoon destination.

Mauritius is a melting pot, with ancestral traditions from China, Africa, France, and India, making it a fun and diverse place to spend your time. The resorts here are the ultimate in sophistication, so if you’re looking for 5-star, all-inclusive luxury, Mauritius is the place to choose.

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