When looking for motorcycle apparel, most women understand that helmets are among the most important elements of any person’s riding wardrobe. Not only are helmets the premiere safety feature for many riders, they also garner a lot of attention. Bright and flashy helmets are a magnet to the eye, while others radiate a kind of classic cool. The newer designs combine lightweight materials with impressive durability and they offer the ultimate in cranium protection.


Top Helmet Designs

Ask 10 women what are the best motorcycle helmets for women and you might get 10 different answers. A lot depends upon personal preference, the type of riding and budget. With that in mind, here are a few top helmets to consider:

  • Fly Racing Elite Vigilant Helmet. This model comes in at the lower end of the price range and is available in several colors. It’s durable, lightweight and loaded with features to increase comfort.
  • Icon Airmada Opacity Helmet. This design also scores high on comfort features, as well as providing ample protection with a strong polycarbonate shell. Its wicking interior is fully removable and washable.
  • Bell SRT Modular Helmet. The drop-down sun shield helps with visibility during intense sun moments and accentuates the classic look of the helmet. The lightweight fiberglass shell meets DOT standards.

The best helmets provide protection and style. Get the look you crave with retro, vintage, classic or replica styles.

Hot Jackets

In the riding apparel universe jackets are not far behind helmets in importance. The best motorcycle jackets for women often combine great looks with superb function. Whether you want leather, textile, mesh or polyester, the perfect jacket increases your pleasure in each ride. It can also protect you from rain and snow and cold weather.

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