There are plenty of reasons to tour Japan. From the deep rooted traditions, to the beautiful countryside and effervescent cities, there is a treasure waiting around every corner. If it’s not already on your bucket list, it should be – here are just some reasons why.


It’s safe and clean

You can travel confidently in Japan knowing that it has a very low crime rate and the streets are safe, even at night. Whether you are travelling with a group or venturing through Japan solo, you can feel comfortable to explore without constantly looking over your shoulder.

Japan is also very clean, and everyone respects their surrounds. You’ll find public bins hard to come by and it is common for people to take their rubbish with them. It can be handy to have your own little bag with you to keep hold of your trash until you can dispose of it.


It’s pretty all year round

Anytime is a good time to travel to Japan, depending on what you want to experience. Everything is lush green in summer, autumn sees red and orange hues coat the countryside, winter adds a pretty dusting of snowflakes and dumps great powder on the slopes, and spring is the famous cherry blossom season (pure magic!).

While the colours may change season to season, the beauty beneath them is constant. The countryside boasts natural scenic highlights like Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi, and Oirase Gorge. These are complemented by the addition of beautiful shrines and temples throughout the country, pretty villages and charismatic cities that are a joy to explore.


There’s something for everyone

No matter what type of traveller you are, you’ll find what you are searching for in Japan. If you’re an adventurer you can hike through the countryside, cycle between rural islands, and kayak to the iconic floating torii gate at Miyajima. If you’re chasing relaxation you can spend some quiet time in the stunning Zen gardens, stroll the bamboo forest, or soak in a soothing onsen.

If you like to be surrounded by bustling cityscapes then you’ll delight in the busy streets and neon lights of Tokyo, or you can head out to the countryside if traditional villages are your thing. You can immerse yourself in the modern pop culture and cutting-edge technologies or seek ancient traditions – there is an itinerary to suit. Plus, foodies will be impressed by the incredible cuisine!


It’s full of charm

The people of Japan are very polite and respectful. Don’t be surprised if you are offered assistance by plenty of locals if you look even remotely lost, and they’ll often even walk you all the way to where you need to go rather than just pointing and sending you on your way.

Aside from the lovely people, there are plenty of other things that will make you smile and give you the warm and fuzzies. The temples and shrines are enchanting, the karaoke bars are quirky, enthusiasts will find anime aplenty, and you can spot wild deer in Nara Park or on Minyama Island (aww!). There is plenty to charm you in Japan.


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