One of the wonders of the European continent is the sheer diversity of cultures and cities that are in close proximity to each other that can easily be accessed by train.

A quick train tour of the continent can provide easy access to many iconic attractions, and the high standard of many European trains should provide a comfortable way to relax and recuperate between stops.

But despite the speed offered by European trains, the journeys can get tiring after a while. So why not liven up your transcontinental journey with some of these Euro-themed entertainments.


Travelling around the edge of the Mediterranean Sea is truly a beautiful affair, and should you find yourself aboard a train around the Iberian Peninsula, then you can add an evocative touch of Spanish atmosphere with some flamenco music. A quick search of sites such as Soundcloud can reveal a host of homegrown talents, and what’s best is that it’s completely free!

Across the Pyrenees and you’ll find yourself in beautiful France, so why not get to grips with some of the nation’s literary greats such as Zola, Voltaire and Camus with one of Kobo’s slimline and cutting-edge eReaders. And should you find yourself too short of time to visit the glittering casinos of Monte Carlo, you can still visit the Australian Lucky Nugget Casino and play their impressive range of table games whilst sampling some sparkling beverages from the train’s buffet car.

Heading north through the Alps you’ll undoubtedly want to give yourself a suitably grand entrance by listening to the classical musical stars of Mozart and Beethoven via the Rdio app that allows free and instant access to hundreds of world radio stations. And upon reaching Germany, be sure to at least attempt to speak a little of the native tongue with the iTranslate app that will help you break down those annoying language barriers.


The lowland countries of the Netherlands and Belgium are famous for their excellent range of beers, and should you get time, be sure to sample a few of the local wares with the assistance of the self-explanatory and comprehensive Find, Eat, Drink app.

And of course, in order to make sure that you stick to your itinerary, remember to keep your mobile device charged and download the Eurail Rail Planner app that allows you to check train times and even investigate detailed city maps of your target destination.


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