2019 truly is the year of the smart home – and, soon, just about every home in the UK will be brimming with smart technology designed to make our lives easier. Transforming your home with smart technology in 2019 is easier than ever.


This is one of the most active categories within smart home technology. Various devices on the market are designed to make your home a true safe haven. The technology associated with making smart homes exactly that – smart – can play a role in protecting your home and family, with Wi-Fi signals, remote sensors, machine learning and video cameras all playing a part.

The likes of smart (video) doorbells can inform you who is at the door, allowing you to see and talk to visitors via your smartphone, while smart door locks enable remote locking and unlocking via your phone. Whether they are indoor or outdoor, smart security cameras allow you to view remote parts of your property, alerting you to intruders or unexpected events.


Heating and cooling

You may not know it, but it’s likely that your home is already well on its way to being smart. Almost all households now use a programmable thermostat for regulating heating and cooling in their properties. It’s the real kick-start of home automation, and a no-brainer kick-start at that.

Programmable thermostats mean that you can optimise comfort during active hours while conserving energy when no-one’s home or everyone is sleeping.

However, thermostat timers are just the start. Smart window blinds automatically close shut as the temperature rises before opening again when the temperature is cooler. Smart air vents can also prove a welcome addition, as they enable treated air to reach rooms that especially need it.

Another handy way of regulating the temperature of your home while reducing heating costs is with your roof. Your roof should always be the first defence against the summer heat and the winter chill, as it is the best defence. Not only is 2019 the year of smart tech, it’s also the year of efficiency – and an energy-efficient roof will protect you from the elements as well as keeping your home cooler in the summer and maintaining heat throughout those winter months.

Therefore, before you flock to the technology giants to kit out your home, start with the basics. Once our Yorkshire roofing company has rectified issues with your roof, turn your attention to an Amazon Echo to have your home looking (and performing) smart in no time.


Unlike security, smart lighting systems are a slow-moving category of the smart home market. However, this is a good thing, as it allows you to slowly enhance your smart light collection, room by room.

Smart lighting doesn’t mean you can engage in full-on conversations with your bulbs; however, they are now a lot more advanced than a simple on, off switch. You can change the colour of the light and turn it on and off regardless of your location, which is particularly handy if you forgot to switch the light off or wish to create the impression that you’re home to daunt any potential intruders. Smart lights can also be set to follow a schedule, or turn off to the phrase “film night”.

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