Buying gifts for someone who loves travelling can be such a fun adventure. After all, you know what one of their biggest hobbies are, which makes it easier to focus on something specific to their likes. If you’re purchasing for someone who’s a long term traveller, then you might want to think about smaller gifts they can take with them. If you’re shopping for someone who’s travelled extensively but has a base at home, you’ll have a bit more flexibility in terms of what you get them. Here are my top 4 gift ideas for the traveller in your life:

1. Something Travel Related
Has the person you’re shopping for mentioned that they need something specific for their trips – such as a new backpack or camera? These can be excellent gifts to give the traveller in your life because you know they will use them every day while on the road. Here are some more gift ideas that can be perfect for a traveller: a Kindle so they can read books while on the road, their long battery life makes them one of the best options for travellers. A travel Journal can also be a special gift because they can take it with them and fill it in with special information about all the wonderful places they visit.
2. An Experience
If you know they’re heading to a specific location and really want to do something, but aren’t sure whether they’ll have the funds – why not gift them the experience? If your friend or loved one is travelling for a long time, chances are their budget is a little tight so this can be a very appreciated gift. Of course what you can gift them will depend on where they’re going, but some fun ideas are a hot air balloon, a mini trip such as a desert trip in Morocco or even sky diving in New Zealand. The best way to find some ideas is to Google where they’re headed and find out what the top activities are there, and pick one that appeals to you and fits your budget.

3. Something for Home
Although coming home after a great adventure can be a little sad, it’s really nice to be able to set up at home and have a home base. If you want to buy a travel lover a house warming gift, or just something to make them feel more at home, why not consider getting them a travel-related gift. One of my favourite gifts to give is one of those scratch-off maps, you can scratch off where you’ve been to reveal a colourful world map. It’s a fun way to mark off where you have been while being a pretty piece of art to hang in your home. If the recipient is older than 18 years old, then you might want to get them something a little edgy like an Octopot or even – it all comes down to what you think they’ll love to receive!

I’m sure no matter which of these gift ideas you go with, your traveller friend or family member will be so grateful for the thought!

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