Personally, I think there’s nothing worse than returning from a vacation and feeling like you’ve never even left home. That’s why I always make a great effort to ensure that I bring a little of my trip home with me, so I have proof that it really did happen and wasn’t just an amazing dream. Whether you’re heading away soon, or just got back from a trip, here are four tips for taking your holiday home with you that I’m sure you will love.

1. Print Out Some of Your Photos
We live in such a digital age that many of us just upload our pictures to Facebook and call it a day. If you visit any elder family member, chances are they are going to have a few photo albums that they relish pulling out – you can look through them together and share stories and memories. Even though we live in a digital age, it can be quite lovely to invest in printing out our photos to share around the home. Whether you decide to print out canvases that you can actually display on the walls around your home, or stick to photo albums, it’s a great way to make your holiday feel real and to be able to share it with your loved ones.

2. Buy a Vacation Home
Depending on where you’re from, it might be quite common to invest in a vacation home so that you can go away more often. In New Zealand, many families delight in having a “bach” which is a home where they can go, usually a few hours drive away. The bach might be at the beach, or just in a different town, but it’s a holiday home where summers are spent and memories are created. Obviously, whether you can afford a holiday home will depend on your finances and if it’s not a reality right now, it might be a goal in the long term. Check out for some beautiful properties that would make any day there feel like a vacation. You can also look into BCI Worldwide for your shipping needs, which can be helpful if you need to ship items to your holiday home.

3. Buy Quality Souvenirs
I’m not a big fan of buying souvenirs because I think people can go crazy buying things they won’t use or that don’t match the style of their home. However, you can easily get some useful or beautiful things for your home from around the world that will not only be treasured but be special reminders of all the wonderful places you’ve been. Stay away from tacky fridge magnets or weird decorations that don’t suit your home as you will probably tire of them soon. I personally bought a gorgeous blanket in Egypt that’s a special reminder of the town of Luxor and while in Colombia I bought some fantastic coffee cups that I still use every day. Buying things you actually use and will love is a great way to ensure that you will take a little of your holiday home with you and get to enjoy it often.
Just because your vacation is over, doesn’t mean it has to feel over. Use these 3 simple tips to keep the vacation vibe alive in your life.

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