It’s possible to find a job that you love that also allows you to travel – but may take a little bit of study or research in order to get you there. Travelling long term, while working, is a great way to see more without the stress of having to cram all your vacations into a short two week period each year. Here are my top three career suggestions for the travel lovers out there that want to travel more:

1. Teaching English
This is really only an option for those out there that are native English teachers and is ideally suited for someone who loves teaching or working with young people. If you’re already a qualified teacher – fantastic, you will have a world more of opportunities available to you in a range of countries. If you have a degree and are open to doing a TEFL course – which is ‘teaching English as a foreign language course’ then you should be able to find employment in many countries around the world. The biggest choice you will have to make is whether you want to work remotely, or in person in a foreign country. Both options have their pros and cons, but if you do decide to work remotely you will find that the hours of your students will dictate your schedule and travel abilities. You can earn a really good salary by teaching English and you can also make such a big difference in your student’s lives.

2. Going Remote
There are so many different ways you can go remote in terms of work – from starting online offering your skills on websites such as Upwork through to negotiating some remote time with your current employer. If you haven’t read the book the Four Hour Work Week, I suggest grabbing a copy and having a look at the ways that you could potentially get your income online. Being remote means that you can work wherever there’s an Internet connection which is almost everywhere. I suggest having a decent amount of savings before moving to going remote, so that you can ride the up and down of freelancer life. It’s also good to have a decent emergency fund in case you lose any big contracts or have to fly home unexpectedly.

3. Consider the Medical Industry
While most medical jobs are probably best suited to practising where you study, if you study in the medical field it can be so worthwhile joining a mission and volunteering your services to make a real difference overseas. Whether you’re interested in becoming a dentist like or a more traditional form of medicine, using your specialized skills to make a real difference in less fortunate countries is a wonderful way to give back. If you’re interested in the medical community and thinking about studying medicine, check out this amazing brain model here: Obviously studying a medical degree is a large time and financial investment, but you can make such a difference in many people’s lives. Medical related jobs are often some of the highest paying as well, which can provide you with the disposable income needed to be able to travel.

If you’re interested in a career that will allow you to travel more, I’m sure you’ll find these three careers a great starting place.

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