The world is full of magical places that will make you cry, laugh, cringe, lose your breath or simply make you wonder, but most people will never get to experience the majority of them in their lifetime! Don’t be one of them! Get researching, saving, and bag hunting at somewhere like Luggage Direct, so you are stocked up and ready to dive into the below hidden wonders that you really need to see to believe.


1. Antelope Canyon

A true hidden wonder, Antelope Canyon is located in Arizona USA, in amongst the rocky expanse of the Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park. Actually called a ‘slot’ canyon, Antelope Canyon is separated into two distinct parts, the Upper or ‘The Crack’ and the Lower or ‘The Corkscrew’. Walking among the cave-like passageways, you can still see the characteristic flowing water shapes in the rock walls due to years of monsoonal flooding and erosion. This marvellous canyon cathedral has an almost spiritual presence, and is well-worth a visit.

2. Pongua Falls

This Vietnamese wonder is a location that not every tourist would think of going to, and because of this, it still maintains a very untouched natural essence for those lucky enough to experience it. Not easily located on a map, this lesser known waterfall is more than 20 kilometres outside of Da Lat in Southern Vietnam, and is more commonly referred to as the 7 steps waterfall. A true sight to behold, even in the dry season, Pongua drops 40 metres into a large lake, and is a true hidden natural beauty that is worth the long hike to get there.


3. Cappadocia

It’s not uncommon to feel as though you have entered another world when exploring Turkey’s Cappadocia, as it’s certainly not a sight you can expect to experience anywhere else. Set amongst the Anatolian Plains, these ‘fairy chimneys’ are the result of people seeking refuge underground, creating architectural wonders in the area’s soft stone. These linked rooms number in the hundreds, creating an ancient system of underground cities that date back some 2,500 years. Oil lamps light passageways and corridors for an eerie sight, and cave accommodation is available for those wanting a true Cappadocia experience.

4. Playa Escondida

Literally a hole in the landscape, Playa Escondida on the Marieta Islands in Mexico provides a hidden beach experience for those after a rather unique swimming location. Actually a bomb site, Playa Escondida is not overrun by destruction like you might think, but instead, nature has turned it into a little slice of paradise. Crystal clear water crashes into a small strip of sand in this deserted hole in the earth which can be accessed by swimming through a short tunnel that opens out into the ocean.

Although our world might be overrun by new achievements and technologies, there are still places on this planet that have the ability to leave you speechless. Hidden wonders such as these are the ones that remind us of how unique people and nature really are.

What are some hidden wonders you have visited that you had to see to believe? Leave your answers in the space below.

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