Planning a vacation might seem overwhelming, especially if you are on a strict budget. However, there are a lot of sights to see in Seattle that are reasonably priced or even free, making it a fun place to enjoy time with loved ones while creating memories together.

Cheap Airfare

You can start planning your trip by checking out flights to Seattle. One of the best ways to save on flights is to have flexibility in your travel dates. You can also start shopping early and request alerts when a flight to Seattle dips below a certain price. Once you have your flight reserved, you can then start looking at places you want to see while you are on the vacation.


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Seattle Free Walking Tours

One of the most unique ways to see a new city is to do so on foot. Seattle Free Walking Tours are available throughout the year. A tour guide will show you some of the major buildings and areas in Seattle, but one of the best parts is exploring and finding things on your own. You might see a beautiful style of architecture that you would have never noticed if traveling in a cab, car, or on public transportation. You can also pay your tour guide if you choose.

Smith Tower

Most people will recognize the iconic Space Needle as part of the Seattle skyline, but going up to see the views from the top can be expensive. If you would like to view the city below without spending quite as much money, head to the Smith Tower. At the top of this building, visitors will be able to see the breathtaking views for less than half the price.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is another well-known spot in Seattle, where tourists often flock to shop and dine. The market itself is actually free, so you can spend as much or as little as you would like when visiting this spot. Most people do enjoy sampling fresh seafood here, so it may be worth planning to use some of your meal budget to taste the delicacies of Seattle.


Cocktail Compass

If you are traveling with other adults, you can download the free app “Cocktail Compass,” which provides information about happy hours that are happening around Seattle. This allows you to enjoy your favorite cocktails or beers without breaking the bank. Many happy hours also offer light meals at discounted prices, so you can enjoy an early dinner before heading out on the town.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

This park offers free admission and gives visitors a glimpse into what life was like for gold seekers who came to Seattle in the early years. It is especially interesting for history buffs or students who are learning about this part of American history in school.

Taking a vacation with friends or family members is a fun way to relax and unwind from the busy schedules that most people have each day. If you want to visit Seattle, you can certainly do so even if you are on a tight budget for your trip.

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