There are no two ways about it, traveling with children can be stressful. Indeed, there are those who may commend you upon your bravery for venturing outside with your little ones, while similarly harassed parents will no doubt proffer a sympathetic nod in your direction. If you thought a journey to the store and back was stressful, think again; it is enough to put anyone off the idea altogether!

However, choosing to expand your family does not mean that you need to abandon your passion for travel, or that you should remortgage your home in order to afford a babysitter for the duration of your vacation. No, traveling with children can actually be, gasp, exciting, fulfilling, and fun, and enrich your days in a way you never could have imagined. So, what is the secret to a harmonious adventure?


Why is traveling with children so stressful?

It can be tempting to get frustrated with a child who gets easily bored during long journeys, but remember that you were young once; children hate waiting, they do not understand that there will be times when peace and quiet are needed, and they certainly will not be able to suppress their excitement just because people around are rolling their eyes. Things like long car journeys and waiting in airport lounges can be boring and frustrating for a child.

So, what is the knack? The secret is there is no secret. If you are traveling with a child, be prepared to travel with a child, and pack accordingly; from diapers and wipes for cleaning up, to toys and games to prevent boredom, your luggage should resemble a who is who of child essentials.

Careful planning will be required to ensure you do not exceed luggage limits if you are flying, but by providing your child with the items that comfort and entertain them you will save yourself a world of stress; who knows, you may even enjoy the trip after all.

Be prepared: Ideal items when traveling with kids

First thing is first; as you start packing for your trip be sure to discuss what you are doing with your child. This gives you a great opportunity to discuss the kinds of thing you will be taking with you, and allows your little one to feel involved.

Stress that space and weight are limited so you cannot pack everything, and ask your child to choose a few favorite items for the trip; perhaps a soft toy, a cherished book, or a comforter you know they will want to hold onto. Baby backpacks can work wonders here, enabling your child to take charge of their own belongings.

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The essentials

While clothes, toiletries, specialist equipment and stay-over essentials are a given for any trip, you must give careful consideration to the items you are likely to need en route. A backpack diaper bag can be an absolute godsend, enabling you to carry diapers, wipes and pacifiers without having to carry a cumbersome shoulder bag; one glance at Skip Hop’s official site will show you that their bags are the business.

Ziploc bags or additional diaper sacks work well during long journeys, and you may also want to consider a sling or baby carrier if your tot is still small enough to need a stroller; this will free your hands up for carrying your luggage.


Once you have ensured that spillages of every kind can be quickly mopped away, and dirty bottoms changed with ease, it is time to consider the aspect of travel you are probably most dreading; a bored toddler.

Space is obviously a constraint, so think about those items that provide multiple forms of entertainment in one; an iPad or similar tablet will prove a lifesaver on long journeys, with access to journey plans and routes, videos to keep older children engrossed, and engaging games with stimulating content can captivate even the most difficult travelers.

Books, coloring books and pens are a good idea too, but consider the age of your child before you pack.

Food and drink

Finally, when it comes to long journeys you need to provide sustenance. Us adults are prone to attacks of grumpiness if we are not well fed and watered, so imagine what hunger does to a smaller person.

Be sure to carry a light lunch and age-appropriate snacks with you, along with water bottles or sippy cups to keep your child hydrated. Think sweets; if you are flying chewy sweets can help your children’s ears to pop, and they can be used as a reward for good behavior.

When it comes to taking a trip with young children always consider the mode of transport, the destination, and any potential hairy moments that could crop up between A and B; traveling with a child need not be a nightmare if you properly prepare.

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