If you’re already wondering how you’re going to spend your summer vacation, I have a wonderful suggestion for you: a yacht charter holiday. Whether this will be your first or tenth vacation spent away on a yacht, the truth is a holiday out on the ocean offers so many more things you simply cannot find on another type of holiday. It’s a wonderful time to really connect with your loved ones and to ensure that you create special memories that you will treasure for years to come. If you’re craving sunshine, a long summer and wide window for which you can book your holiday, why not consider a yacht charter in Ionian – it’s a stunning yachting destination. The Ionians are considered to be an easy area to sail around, they’re well sheltered providing excellent sailing conditions. If you’re on the fence about whether a yacht charter holiday is right for you and your family, check out my list of top six reasons why you need to take a yacht charter holiday this summer:


1. Sunshine and Water Activities
I like to joke that I’m solar powered, but the truth is I do love being in the sunshine. I love being near the ocean and hearing the calm sound of the ocean. There’s something super special about a vacation to the ocean and you can’t really get a holiday that’s more ‘to the ocean’ than a yacht charter holiday. You’ll be able to wake up every day and look out at the gorgeous blue of the ocean. Depending on where you go, there’s a good chance you will be able to find a wide assortment of incredible watersports too. Do you love paddle boarding? Why not find a port where there’s a range of fun watersports that you and your family can do! Some suggestions including snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing – there’s so much fun that you can have in the water!

2. A More Adventurous Holiday
By choosing a yacht holiday you’re going to be able to show your family members a new style of travel – especially younger family members who may have never been on a yachting holiday. There’s so much to learn about being on a yacht and you can get younger family members involved, asking them to help with the operation of the boat which is a great way to keep them busy and maybe even get them interested in a new hobby. This is also a really special way to create new memories together and much more fun than just laying on a beach together. I find that choosing a more adventurous holiday is a great way to bring out people’s personalities more and to ensure that you have more opportunities to bond with your favourite people.


3. Amazing Family Photos
Is there anything better than family photos with the ocean as a backdrop? Well, having a yacht in the foreground can make them even better! Why not plan some family outfits and actually plan to have a few mini photoshoots throughout the yacht holiday. This is a great keep safe, but will also make for some really fun family photos that are a little different from the standard holiday pictures. My favourite time for taking photos is from an hour before sunset right through to sunset, when the sunlight is most flattering. While cellphones now have incredible cameras, it can be fun to take a few different types of camera to capture the memories. If you have any friends or family members with a Polaroid camera, why not take one along? There’s something really exciting about waiting to see how the photo turned out. Likewise, it can be worth taking along an actual digital camera so you can have slightly higher quality photos that you can print out and frame to put your photos up around your home once the holiday is over.

4. Perfect Opportunity to Detox
It’s become really trendy to detox from technology and disconnect from the Internet, social media and everything else that goes along with the modern world. Being on a yacht, further away from technology, makes it so much easier to take a break from all the social media accounts that we love and hate. You’ll be surprised by how often you go to check your phone throughout your day, especially if you decide to not buy a local sim card when you’re overseas. Use this time with your family or friends to really connect with your loved ones, without the normal day to day distractions. By taking away all the distractions of the Internet, social media and emails – you’ll find you have so much more time to talk and connect on a much deeper level.


5. Peaceful Holiday
I personally love going on a yacht holiday because they’re so peaceful. You can choose to go wherever you want, choose when to go, where to dock, where to explore and you can go at your own pace. It’s such a relaxing way to travel and allows you to really get lost in the natural beauty of the wonderful location you’re exploring. Modern life is filled with so many pressures – were expected to juggle friends, family, work, fitness and everything else in between, so it’s so nice to go on a peaceful holiday where you can just switch off and have a holiday that’s so peaceful

6. Different Attractions
Every time you stop in a new port, there will be a variety of new attractions to visit! Exactly what will depend on where you go, but because you’ll be visiting as many places as you want to, you’ll be able to visit a great variety of places. If you’re considering an Ionian yachting holiday here are some of the most popular destinations that you’ll want to add to your list of places to see. If you love art, why not head to the Corfu Museum of Asian Artwhich has one of the best collections of Asian art in all of Europe and is housed inside a gorgeous palace. If you’re a fan of castles, then be sure to visit Bohali Castle where you’ll be treated to a wonderful island view – they’re also a great activity for kids of all ages as they can learn about history while walking through an ancient castle!

A family holiday aboard a yacht is a sure fire way to create some incredible family memories. If you’re hoping to go away this summer for a special holiday, why not look into a gorgeous trip away to the Ionian’s islands? You’ll be spoiled for choice with things to do and beautiful beaches to explore. Just be warned, you might not want to go home at the end of your trip!

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