Australia is one of those places on Earth that has not yet been explored enough from the point of view of what it can offer for its tourists. However, the truth is that this country is an amazing one in so many ways that it will be almost impossible not to fall in love with it once you get to discover its jewels. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle of choice, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, you can get out there right away and start exploring this diverse and beautiful country. Read on and find out more about the best road trip destinations and how to make the most of your Australian travels.


Explore the Aboriginal North

What is amazing about Australia is the fact that it somehow manages to bring together its aboriginal, ancient past and the greatness of the man-built cities as well. If you want to go back to the roots and if you want to discover Aboriginal Australians as they are – untamed and spiritual – you should definitely go North because this is where you will find a rich Aboriginal culture that will enchant your soul. Also, you can travel to the Kakadu National Park and to the great Australian Red Centre, where you will find the pillar of the Aboriginal spirituality – the sacred red monolith.

The Pacific Coast

If you are into seeing some gorgeous beaches, then you should plan your road trip on the Pacific Coast, where the sun seems to always shine, where the waters are always blue and where the sands are always golden. Don’t forget to take a trip to Port Stephens as well, since the picturesque of this place will definitely charm you forever!


The Indian Ocean

Another thing that is great about Australia is that it is amazingly diverse from many points of view. It can suit any kind of traveller – from the cosmopolitan lady looking to shop around to those eager to feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins. The Australian West can offer you with some splendid views and with an amazing experience if you dare reach it. Coral reefs, white beaches and a myriad of other things that will make your eyes tear with joy will all steal your heart (and be warned because it’s forever!).

South Australia

If you want to see the great Australian wildlife and if you want to indulge in great food and great wines, then you should go South. This is where you will find that comfortable feeling people only get when they finally reach home. The view will be gorgeous and the food will make you want to stay there forever!

There are many other places in Australia you can discover in a road trip. However, no matter which route you choose for this holiday, you should make sure to plan everything in advance. It may be a good idea to book some accommodation ahead of time and not to leave everything in the hands of chance (and if you do this, you also get a good chance at saving some money as well). Furthermore, never forget about taking basic medicines with you, about staying safe and about hydrating your body with plenty of water!

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