In just a week we’ll be in September, and with Christmas officially around the corner it can seem like the year is just flying by. For those who consistently spend the holiday period feeling stressed out and annoyed by huge crowds, packed parking lots and the pressure to find that perfect gift for everyone you know, we have the ideal solution for you this Christmas.

Groupon Coupons give you excellent opportunities for savings and amazing deals, without the need to wait weeks to receive coupons from your favourite stores in the mail. The best part? You can use these coupons from home, meaning you can shop in more than 9,000 stores and pick from more over 70,000 different coupons without leaving your couch.


There are coupons in many different categories, including travel, restaurants, holiday gifts, fun for the whole family and more. A few of the most popular choices include GNC, Costco (perfect for stocking up for the holiday), Macy’s, Bloomingdales, (you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone), Bath & Body Works (they also often have great holiday-themed gifts like body wash and candles), Uber (a voucher is a great gift for the 20-somethings in your life and they’ll use it at New Years), PetSmart (cause pooches need gifts too!), American Apparel and much more.

Are you hoping to spend a few days away on vacation over the holiday period? Well you’ll be pleased to know that the travel deals are outstanding this year, meaning you can also enjoy some time away from it all without breaking the bank.

Need some cute travel accessories? Check out the discounts at Vera Bradley or splurge on a new 3-in-1 travel bag for your cosmetics from Sephora. Planning to hire a car? Zipcar is offering $25 worth of free driving credit, while One Travel will give you up to $44 off their fees.

If you’re heading out of state, you can find up to $40 off flights with CheapAir, while hotels are also on sale through Hilton.

For many people, the holidays are all about procrastination and only doing their food and gift shopping when they absolutely have to (and then making it a miserable experience since everyone else is in the mall as well). It can be hard to shift your way of thinking and decide to get things done earlier, but if you change your attitude slightly, you’ll be one of those people who can spend December relaxing with friends and family, and feel pretty good about the fact that you’ve already got all of your shopping sorted.

Make this year the year that you take advantage of amazing online deals and shop from home, and you’ll be able to get everything done early, meaning a stress-free Christmas for both you and your family.

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