Many people underestimate the importance of knowing their credit score. Yet when it comes to travelling through life, remaining in the dark about where you stand financially is undoubtedly a less than wise move.

When it comes to individuals looking to get the best benefits within luxury travel a good credit profile enabling you to take advantage of specialised travel based credit cards is vital. Using a service like can be a really great way of staying informed and up to date with all your financial commitments and outgoings.

Even for those who feel they may have a superior credit score it can be surprising what crops up from minor things that may have happened years ago – from old bills at previous addresses to letters for very small amounts that may have got lost in the post.


Payments you honestly thought had been resolved but may have escaped everyone’s notice during last minute rushes can cause minor marks on credit scores – stopping you from getting ahead. offers an individually tailored report so you can understand exactly where your credit profile places you and how to plan out your own financial expenditure. It offers some great hints and tips about improving your credit score (should you need to do so) and also gives you the best matches when it comes to credit card, loans and mortgage deals that suit your credit profile.

The only way to stay one step in front of your financial future is to take charge and get some expert help when it comes to understanding where your credit score lies. It may be surprising to learn but never having any credit cards or not having borrowed any money previously does not always work in your favour when it comes to having a good credit score.


Indeed when it comes to making plans for travelling having a credit card which offers great rewards and air miles along with the guarantee of Section 75 protection on purchases overseas means that having an adequate credit profile is essential for the more seasoned traveller.

But it doesn’t just stop at travelling. Your credit score could be holding you back, but many individuals don’t bother to check until they have been declined for something prompting them to wonder what the exact issue is that underlies any sort of rejection.

This could be something as minor as changing phone provider – but the fact is that your credit score can pose an impact on each and every area of your financial life.

When it comes to any aspect of borrowing money, your credit score will come into play as banks and financial institutions decide on the reliability of any individual.

Many people worry about the impact of applying for multiple credit cards or loans once they have been rejected. The great thing about a service like is it’s ‘soft search’ functionality which means you are directed to the most likely providers based on your profile first giving you considerable added confidence.

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