Mexico has a lot to offer any traveller with it’s cultural festivals, great food, colonial towns, beach resorts, and hot party spots. For family holidays Mexico is great with awesome deals on all-inclusive resort stays like First Choice holidays. For the backpacker Mexico can be a great affordable place that offers lots of adventure. If you want to explore beyond the touristy beach towns, or busy Mexico City then check out some of these not so touristy spots that will have you fall in love with this stunning country.


Discover Copper Canyon

Located in the North Eastern corner of Chihuahua, Copper Canyon gives the Grand Canyon a good run for its money. In fact it’s four times the size of the famous American canyon. The canyon itself is so vast that it has a tropical climate at the bottom and a dry desert climate at the top. If you want to truly experience the breathtaking views this canyon has to offer, then look into taking the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway line. It’s a 12 hour train journey that will take you all the way through the canyon region.

Visit the mountains in San Cristobal

This is a beautiful mountain town that offers a nice escape from the hotter weather of Mexico. Here you will discover charming churches, markets and squares. You can visit nearby Mayan Villages for an authentic cultural experience.

Go diving in Yucatan

The Yucatan peninsular is an adventure divers heaven, offering countless underground caverns and caves, making it a very unique diving experience. If you don’t dive then there are also caves and caverns that can be accessed by foot, swimming or snorkeling.


Visit the Mayan ruins of Palenque

Here you will find some of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico, without the large crowds of Chichen Itza. Located in the hills of a jungle you can spend the night in a hut, waking up to all the sites and sounds of nature.

Swim in turquoise waters of Espiritu Santo

Beautiful turquoise waters and pink cliffs are just one of the many reasons to visit these stunning islands, that still offer unspoiled beaches and a vast array of wildlife. Here you can see sea lions, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and gray whales.

Dip in the hot springs of San Miguel de Allende

Mexico is dotted with numerous hot springs due to its volcanic activity, however the best spot is near colonial town of San Miguel de Allende. Melt away any traveller’s aches and pains in these healing hot springs.


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