Although I have been traveling for a few years, reward travel is only something I’m getting into recently. I always thought I never spent enough money to justify the time and hassle of setting up for a reward program. Over the past few years I could have gotten COUNTLESS flights for free, if I’d only been a little more organised. As Ben and I are heading off tomorrow, I have been busy the past few months researching reward travel programs and I have found that Avios has a lot to offer, including:

Free Flights
Free Hotel Accommodation
Free Tickets on the Eurostar
Free Car Rental


And so much more! Of course, you have to earn Avios in order to be able to redeem it for free stuff. I can’t help but cringe at the number of free flights I have missed because I haven’t pursued Reward Travel. Aside from the obvious perk of being free, there are some other perks of reward travel including:

1) Potentially Going Somewhere More Expensive

Airfares can be a killer. If you have to buy return flights for two or three or more people, the price suddenly creeps up. Also, the further from home you go the more expensive it is – but the more interesting, too. Growing up in New Zealand meant I was really curious about Europe. As it is so far away from me and so different to my home. If you use reward points to pay for your flights, you can choose to go somewhere that is further away and perhaps more expensive than you would otherwise choose.


2) Upgrade Your Travel Style

I am a budget traveller, although now I’ll be working and traveling I’m planning to spend a little more on hotels. Regardless, most people have a budget and stick to it for accommodation. If you use Avios reward points to pay for the accommodation, you could potentially book a few nights in a 5 star hotel and enjoy the life of luxury, even if only for a few days.

3) Be Spontaneous

Usually buying flights last minute is more expensive, but often there are great deals when you use reward flights. Book a holiday ‘just cause’ or plan a last minute escape using your Avios points.

Travel rewards are more than just about cutting costs – they’re about seeing more and expanding your horizons.

If you love free flights as much as me, why not check out this great competition from Avios.

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