Are you planning a holiday overseas? If you’re in the planning stages, then you’re probably thinking about what you can do while travelling to make the most of your trip away. After all, you might not ever return to that destination again so it’s important to ensure that you make the most of every moment. Whether you’re looking for something fun or educational to do on your next trip, here are 3 interesting things you should do on your next trip overseas:

1. Learn More About the Place
There’s nothing wrong with a resort holiday – they serve their purpose. Only last year I went to Cancun for my bachelorette party and stayed in a high end all inclusive resort, it was amazing. But I didn’t learn about the culture and didn’t get to try real Mexican food, as we spent the entire time in the resort. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I do think it’s important to get a little more submerged in the culture of the places you’re visiting if you can. You can even start researching before you go. For example if you’re heading to a Buddist country, like Thailand, it can be good to learn about Samsara buddhism before you even step foot in the airport. This will help you understand the culture better and also be able to respect the local traditions.

2. Consider Volunteering
I volunteered for many months at a time in Cambodia, and it was one of my favourite experiences ever. I do think volunteering overseas can be complicated – you want to be sure you’re actually investing your time to make a difference as there’s a whole side of volunteering that’s voluntourism where people come to help, but it’s essentially just a business to receive money from tourists. Do a lot of research before deciding on a place to volunteer and maybe you can help out with more admin tasks even when you go back home, such as fundraising or managing their social media pages. Check out SparkRock for some technology that can help with non-profits.

3. Do a Cooking Class
If you’re travelling somewhere that has food you love, such as India, Thailand or even Italy, while not sign up for a cooking class so that you can learn to make some of your favourites dishes at home? While in Chiang Mai, I took a Thai food cooking class and learned how to make some of my favourite dishes, such as a Red Thai Curry and Mango Sticky rice – both of which are easier than they seem. In Nicaragua, I chose to do a chocolate making course where I learned all about how the beans are processed and how to make my own chocolate bar. It was a ton of fun and a perfect activity for a rainy day. Research a little beforehand so you can choose a cooking class that has great reviews and where you will be given the recipes at the end so you can continue to make them when you’re home.

Traveling is such a fun way to see more of the world and with these three tips you’ll be sure to have an interesting trip.

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