Traveling is a passion that everyone holds really close to their heart, but for me it is more than just that. Traveling is an ongoing experience where you are constantly learning something new. What you learn in your everyday routine can never compare to a day spent in a completely new place with people who live a different life.

Recently I went on one such trip to the highlands of UK and I immediately fell in love with the serene beauty of Westonbirt. So much so, that I was even contemplating moving there. But on my short visit, I was staying in this homestay that was run by a very friendly and welcoming couple.


I always wanted to live away from the city life and the few days that I spent here rejuvenated me by bringing me closer to nature, more than I ever imagined. Autumn is always the best time of the year and on my first day there, I was sitting out in the front porch staring at the most picturesque scenery, sipping my morning coffee not wanting to ever leave.

Westonbirt is a truly magical place that all nature lovers need to visit at least once. Especially those who love spending their vacations in solitude or away from the fast paced city life. The easiest way to reach Westonbirt, is via the Chippenham Bus Station near Bath.


All the while that I was here, I had much to learn and what I liked best about my trip is how I got really lucky on GameVillage Bingo on my third day. Westonbirt was indeed a lucky place for me as I won £749 that day!

A few days visit to Westonbirt is worth a million days spent in a noisy city. So, to all those who love being one with nature, make that trip to wherever you want to go, have fun and forget about everything else, even if it is just for a few days.


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