Most of us love a good road trip. As someone who tends to live in cities, I love getting the chance to hit the open road. I’ve recently been looking into some of the most iconic road trips, so today I thought I would share a few of the #WheelsOfTheWorld with you guys.

Here are some of the best road trips in the world:

The Alcan HIghway

This road trip will take you from Canada to Alaska. You’ll need a down jacket, snow chains, and plenty of snacks. Be sure to stop by the Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, and if you love dogs, stop at Cabins Outback Motel, where you can enjoy free dog-sled demos.

This trip would take you one day and seven hours if you went non-stop. Of course, you’ll want to take your time and enjoy the scenery, so plan to stretch it out over two or three days.

Transfagarasan Road

This Romanian road trip is the one for you if you’re planning to visit Europe. You’ll be taking endless twists and turns as you visit this famous Dracula Territory. You’ll drive through Transylvania, ascending to 2,035 meters. Stop at Poenari Castle, which is where Bram Stoker got his inspiration for Dracula.

Don’t forget to try some Romanian food, and check out Pensiunea Balea on the way.

Great Ocean Road

You’ve probably heard of Australia’s Great Ocean Road, but there’s a reason why this drive is so popular. There are a number of speed cameras along the way, so take your time as you see the national parks, lighthouses, dramatic cliffs, rainforests, and oceans. Keep an eye out for mult-colored parrots, koalas, penguins, kangaroos, anteaters, and more.

Don’t miss The Twelve Apostles, and if you love surfing, head to Bells Beach (just watch out for the great white sharks).

Amalfi Coast Road

Ahh the great Italian road trip. This drive will just take 75 minutes, but you’ll need to take your time as you’re likely to be distracted by the pristine coastline, historic churches, and pastel villages along the way. This is the trip for you if you love hairpin turns, and the scenery makes it one of the best choices for anyone planning a European adventure.

While these road trips sound amazing, my favourite trip was the last road trip I took in New Zealand. I hadn’t been home for a few years, and drove from Christchurch to Picton, up the coast. A stop in Kaikoura is a must- for fish and chips and whale watching, and the twists and turns keep things interesting, particularly after a long hot summer.

I’ll be heading home later in the year, and planning to head further down south for another road trip.

What’s your favourite road trip? Are you currently planning an amazing trip, or do you have a story about your last great experience on the open road? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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