Studying for exams is usually one of the most stressful periods of the year. I’m glad my exam times are well behind me, but for those of you with upcoming exams don’t worry too much, there are plenty of new technologies around to help you study more efficiently and to help you achieve the grades you want. Here are my top 3 tips for studying more efficiently!

1. Use Technology to Your Advantage:
There are so many resources online that you can use in order to curate your notes and to study them better. If you’re learning math online, then you should consider a free study app in order to study efficiently while you’re waiting around, on public transport, or even bored on the toilet! You may think 5 minutes here and there won’t make a difference, but the truth is time adds up really fast. Maybe you’re more of a visual learner? Then you should consider watching videos on Youtube to help with your revision or even a top online video learning app to help you revise your subjects.

2. Get a Study Buddy
It’s a really good idea to get a study buddy as soon as you can. You can help each other out during the year, for example if you have to miss a few days of class due to illness or travel, you can ask to borrow your study buddy’s notes and vice versa. You can set up regular study dates together to ensure that you have someone to bounce questions off and to keep you accountable. Sometimes it’s hard to make time to study, especially when you’re at college for the first time, trying to balance all your academic commitments, a part-time job, and your social life. Having someone to hold you accountable is one of the best study tools you can find, and best of all it’s free!

3. Summarize During the Year
If you can get into a good habit of summarizing all your notes every day or every week, it will make the end of year exam study period so much easier. Condensing your notes allows you to revise them over and over much more quickly than if you were considering all of the notes at once. If you are confused by any notes or need an elaboration, then you can search through your books for the longer explanation. I like making flash cards to go through for learning quick facts or specific drawings for the science-based subjects.

Studying can be stressful, but the truth is the earlier you start, the more relaxed you can be.

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