Traveling is one of my favourite things to do, but I often tend to pile on a few pounds due to eating my way around the new town or city! I’ve found the perfect solution: going on a bike vacation. Not only do you save money using a bicycle over public transport, but it’s also an excellent way to keep fit and to see more of a place than you can from a bus or train. If you’re in the market for a new bike, why not check out a custom beach cruiser or the womens beach cruiser bicycles. If you love cycling and are trying to think of some great destinations to explore by bike, then here are my top 5 cities for a bike vacation:

1. Paris, France
Here you’ll have a few options to explore this wonderful city by bike: You can bring your own bike along and just explore at your own leisure. This gives you plenty of time to stop along the way, eating some delicious pastries or macarons. If you’re not traveling on your own bike, then you can choose to rent a bike for the days that you’re in Paris. However, there’s also the option to find a cycling tour as an organized way to see the city. If you’re not super fit, don’t fret, there’s also the option to do an e-bike tour! Paris is a lovely city to cycle through and cars are pretty patient with cyclists.

2. Queenstown, New Zealand
One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited is also a wonderful place to travel by bicycle. The town itself is relatively flat and small, so very easy to get around on a bicycle. However, if you’ve ever been to New Zealand you know the real beauty is just outside the cities. Queenstown is surrounded by numerous scenic bike rides, you can even cycle all the way to Arrowtown which is a pleasant heritage town lined with cute restaurants and lovely cafes.

3.  San Diego, The United States
When people think of California, they tend to think of Los Angeles, but for me, the real California vibes are down in San Diego. It’s a nice size city, that’s relatively flat and easy to get around which makes it a perfect option for someone looking for a cycling vacation. Being so close to the sea means there are lots of great cycling trails with scenic views.

No matter where you end up, cycling holidays are a great way to intimately explore a new place while keeping fit and moving at your own pace.

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