If you’re planning to travel to Australia, you’re probably aware that it’s a pretty big country. And you have a few options for travelling: Fly between cities and use public transport/Uber once you’re on the ground, hire a car and find accommodation along the way, or hire a campervan and combine your travel and accommodation.

Realistically, the best way to see Australia is by campervan. This will allow you to see more of the country, avoid paying ridiculous prices for airfares, and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Here are a few tips for hiring a campervan in Australia:

Choose the right type

There are so many different types of campervans available, it can be a little overwhelming when it’s time to choose the best type for you. From a luxurious 6 berth van to a small 2 berth camper and everything in between, you’ll need to compare options and look at your budget.

The first thing to think about is the size. How many people will be travelling together? Then you need to consider where you’ll be driving it. Massive campervans are a huge pain to get around if you’ll be spending a lot of time in cities. Finally, you’ll need to consider your budget, and whether you want a brand new van with all the latest facilities and amenities, or if you’re fine with an older van that may not be in the best shape but will be much cheaper.

Book early

If you’re travelling in peak season, you’ll need to book your van early so you don’t miss out. For this reason, it’s best to begin doing your research well in advance – after all, you wouldn’t buy or sell a house without doing research on a site like Concierge Auctions reviews, so why should a campervan be any different? Compare campervan rental prices in Australia with Compare and Choose, and you’ll be sure to get a great deal on your campervan.

Prepare in advance

While one of the biggest benefits of hiring a campervan is the freedom you have to travel where you want, it’s also a good idea to work out a rough itinerary. That way, you’ll know exactly how long you’ll need to hire your campervan for (be sure to add some extra time in case you discover an incredible spot and don’t want to leave).

Take insurance

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re travelling, especially if you’re driving a larger vehicle than you’re used to and/or you’re driving on the opposite side of the road. Often, your campervan hire company will have options for insurance for your van, so if you are in any accidents you won’t be out of pocket (depending on how much your excess is). Along with this insurance, be sure to get some travel insurance for your health and belongings. You might however find that the van hire company you use could have inflated insurance prices, so it might be worthwhile to look into some of the cheapest van insurance guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Are you planning a trip in Australia? Will you hire a campervan?

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