If you fancy living in a region of the Caribbean, then Costa Rica is for you. Parts such as Guanacaste boast some magnificent beaches, a rich coastline, and a gold museum for some culture. To find out more about the region and the real estate there, you can visit https://www.tresamigos-cr.com/.

Magnificent Beaches

In the Gulf of Papagayo, the beaches are just glorious. These include Playa Blanca, Playa Bueno, Playa Huevo, Playa Jicaro, Playa Junquillal, Playa Nacascolo, and Playa Penca. Playa is Spanish for the beach. They all have the whitest sand and are great places to snorkel because you will see rocky reefs, tropical fish, sea urchins, and turtles. Coco, Hermosa, Ocotal, and Panama, are great locations to snorkel. Taking a boating tour will ensure the best experience is enjoyed.

The waters are warm all year round and the waves calm. In Costa Rica, you can simply relax on the beach when you are not enjoying the confines of your property. There are some wonderful ocean views to admire and lots of adventures you can go on around the Gulf.


If you like fishing, then the region boasts some healthy water in which you can catch fish. In Costa Rica, you can catch grouper, mahi mahi, roosterfish, tuna, and wahoo, just to name a few. Inshore in the Gulf, you can catch snapper, too. If you are feeling more adventurous still, then you can venture further out into the Gulf and try catching marlins, roosters, or sailfish. The region is a dream area for fishing.

Surfing is possible at either Ollie’s Point or Witch’s Rock. Neither one is far away. Between July and September, there is even the chance to get close to whales, if you are into nature. Scuba diving takes place at Bat Islands and Monkey Head Island. The best points for scuba diving trips are Coco and Ocotal. It is easy to obtain the equipment because there are dive shops at Deep Blue, Rich Coast, Rocket Frog, and Summer Salt.

If evenings are your preferred time of day, then you will marvel at the glorious sunsets. You can take a sailing trip with a catamaran company to admire the sun setting. The companies that offer this service include Kuna Vela, Marlin del Rey, and Sea Bird.


A foreigner can purchase real estate in Costa Rica and have the same rights as its citizens, except for voting rights in presidential or municipal elections. In other words, it is legal for others from outside to own real estate there. This is an inviting prospect for the real estate investor and those looking to move to Costa Rica to live. Just to bear in mind, though, that a foreigner cannot own one hundred percent of the property in a Maritime Zone. Other than that, there are no restrictions to ownership and Costa Rica makes a perfect place to invest in real estate, whether to live in or for long-term investment purposes.


The places in Costa Rica that are preferred by celebrities include the Papagayo Gulf in Guanacaste, Mal Pais, South Pacific, and Santa Teresa. Movie star, Mel Gibson’s estate, for instance, is located at Playa Barrigona, Guanacaste. Celebrities have also been seen at La Fortuna de San Carlos. The Osa Peninsula is considered perfect for celebrities because it is remote and secluded.

Another option if you’re not ready to move forward with purchasing a property in Costa Rica is to invest in real estate. As a novice real estate investor you should first review the DiversyFund lawsuit in detail so you’re prepared and know what you are doing and getting yourself into. It’s ideal for novice real estate investors looking to increase your earnings.

In summary, the reasons to buy real estate in Costa Rica will include the fact that it has some wonderful beaches, plenty of activities to keep the whole family occupied, be a place abroad where you are eligible to purchase a property and represents a place to live that comes with celebrity recommendations. It is the perfect place to invest in real estate for all these reasons.

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