After enduring months of the British weather, it can be cumbersome to try and figure out how to deal with a totally different climate. Holiday pictures are verging on mandatory, and your summer clothing might comprise of sunglasses with the wrong prescription and a t-shirt with a hole in it. However, putting together a holiday wardrobe can actually be rather simple…

            Fake Bake

The thought of getting your legs out can strike fear into the hearts of many, especially if they haven’t caught the sun often this year. However, with so many great fake tanning products out there, you can look like you’ve been on holiday all year round, without risking your health. Simply make sure you keep on top of moisturising and reapply as it seems necessary. You’ll have that holiday glow before you even step off the plane.

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            Light it Up

The last thing you want when it’s 30-something degrees is feeling trapped under your clothing. For the men out there, it’s well worth investing in items that can be worn for the duration and are high quality, such as a pair of Dickies shorts. For women, you have slightly more choice, being able to wear skirts, dresses, and shorts. Just make sure you wear what you feel comfortable in and remember – the lighter, the better.


Accessories are timeless essentials when it comes to creating the perfect holiday outfit. A plain outfit of a vest and shorts can be transformed by adding some bangles, a long necklace, and even a wide-brimmed hat. You can keep cool while also looking incredibly glam and put together – a holiday dream come true! The best part is that one accessory can be used on a whole variety of outfits. A budget buy can take an entire wardrobe to a whole new level.

            Keep it Bright

Despite the rumour that black clothing makes you warmer in heat, wearing colour when on a hot holiday is no bad thing. Summer is generally associated with bright colours, such as oranges and yellows, and injecting the odd bright item into your suitcase can really make your clothing stand out. With some people even believing that light clothing can lighten their mood, why not give it a try? Look summer-y and you might even feel better for it.

            Don’t Sweat About it

This is, unfortunately, one of the not so pleasant side effects of being in glorious heat. The dreaded sweat patch can rear its ugly head and ruin even the nicest of outfits, potentially scaring you away from certain colours or certain cuts of clothing. Luckily, there are now products out there which can stop this constant fear. Deodorant based products, such as Obadon, offer various solutions to excessive sweating. You get to wear the clothing that you want, whatever the colour, without having to constantly check your underarms. Get ready to become selfie-ready whatever the weather.

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