There are many reasons to travel to the UK, including great scenery, good shopping, friendly locals, and delicious food. However if you’ve been contemplating a trip to the UK, one of the best reasons to go is so you can experience the British Horse Racing.

The Brits certainly know how to put on a show when it comes to horses, and the UK has long been a hub for horse racing, with some of the biggest prizes, best horses, and most forward fashion in the world.

Royal Ascot is in June 2015, which is peak season for flights to the UK. It’s a good idea to book flights a few months in advance so flights aren’t too expensive. I find that traveling to the UK a few months earlier can give you some time to travel through Europe before peak season begins in the UK.


I’ve always been intrigued by the dress code for the British Horse Racing, especially for Royal Ascot. Women are expected to wear a hat, and if they’re in the Royal Enclosure it needs to have a base of at least 10cm. There aren’t many chances to dress up in formal clothes, particularly when you’re travelling, so British racing is is the perfect opportunity to throw on some heels and a hat (or a suit and tie) and rub shoulders with other people who are dressed to the nines.

If you’re on a budget, the races could also be an excellent time to place a few bets. If you don’t know much about horse racing, or don’t spend sufficient time researching specific races and horses, then it can be difficult to choose the winning horse. You’ll probably want to make use of something like the GG horse racing tips to ensure you stay in the know. If you have a gut feeling about a horse, then by all means back it. But following tips from verified tipsters is definitely the safer option. Royal Ascot has more than £5 million of prize money ready to be won. This is the most valuable race in the world, so if you can’t make it to the Royal Meeting Day – bet your favorite horses online.

The British also know how to put on a prestigious event, and if you’ve always wanted to get a glimpse of the Royal Family, this could be the perfect opportunity. The Royal Family arrive in a procession each morning, and the horse drawn carriage is a showcase of the drama and influence of the most famous family in the world.

While all of the British races are incredible events, and should be visited if you’re in the area, Royal Ascot is by far the best, so if you can get to the UK in June this one shouldn’t be missed. This is where some of the most influential people in the world meet each other, along with around 300,000 other people each year.


Along with placing your bets and watching the horses go thundering past, you’ll find plenty of excellent food and drink options for you to choose from. Most of the betting will be happening on the Wednesday, while Tuesday is the most popular day for attendance, and Thursday is known as Ladies day.

It’s a good idea to tie the British horse racing in with a larger trip to the UK, so be sure to spend at least two weeks in the country.

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