Oh we do like to live beside the seaside! Emoov.co.uk have taken it upon them to look at a few beautiful affordable homes near coastal locations and are showing them to you.

As you can imagine, a property in areas located near the sea can be very costly. Places such as Salcombe in Devon and The Sandbanks in Dorset have produced some very expensive homes and have created a reputation for the famous to reside there. The prices are over 3 times the national average; even a buying a beach hut at Sandbanks can cost as much as £100,000.

Emoov, co.uk are here to help, in order to find a seaside property at an acceptable price they have selected alternative housing for you to have a look at.


Bude – Cornwall

Cornwall is a renowned seaside holiday destination, with buyers from all over the world its beautiful landscape leaves people feeling full of awe. Of course, if you fancy living here, be sure to listen to advice from experts like Reed Pirain. Affording property in THE prime coastal location, even when it’s on the affordable list, takes some proper market prep.

With a comfortable beach and excellent location, Bude offers housing around £250,000, which is very reasonable compared to other seaside locations, although it is not known at present but very soon Bude will become the new Padstow and property prices will rise at the location, so getting your offer in now would be a very clever decision .

Close to Bude is Widemouth Bay, another kooky seaside location which has many cafes and restaurant’s to offer. Again like Bude its beautiful scenery and beaches are perfect for long walks with the dogs, in this case Widemouth could be the best option for you.

Average Widemouth House Price: £254,177
Price change in the past 2 years: 7.16%

Weymouth – South

Many know how expensive it is to live along the south coast of England, but in the little town of Weymouth that is situated between Dorset’s oldest coastlines, you will find affordable holiday homes.

The houses here is a little more expensive than national average but are far less expensive than houses in places such as The sandbanks which is less than an hours drive away. Furthermore the scenic landscape is far more tranquil than the busy locations and offers such profound views of beauty from Weymouth bay.

The joining Isle of Portland is another perfect area for a seaside home. This area co-hosted the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic with Weymouth Bay. This offers up a tourist attraction and keeps the location bustling with people.

Average  Weymouth House Price: £229,906
Price change in the past 2 years: 6.62%


Westcliffe-on-Sea – East

Essex believe it or not has become a popular destination for people looking for places which aren’t to far off  from the capital but also has the option of being near the sea, places near here used to be seaside hotspots for many yet today the location has become a lot less appealing.

Another area situation between Essex and leigh is Westcliffe on sea. It is very close to Southends attractions if you are looking for a place with bright lights and exciting things to do, its average housing price is around £224,000 which is more expensive than usual but a lot cheaper than buying in the capital

Average Westcliffe-on-Sea House Price: £223,796
Price change in the past 2 years: 14.71%

Colwyn Bay – Wales

Wales itself is very beautiful part of the country and Conlywn Bay situated in the north coast is perfect for a holiday get away. With its pretty gardens, authentic town and scenic walking routes there’s nothing you could not like about this seaside town. There is a number of activities for the family to get involved in. such as a trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, or maybe a trip to the Port Eijias water sports centre.

Colwyn bay offers housing at roughly around £170,000 which is absolutely remarkable compared to seaside homes down south, its even cheaper than national average homes! Right now is the time to buy as in the last six months the asking prices have dramatically dropped.

Average Colwyn bay House Price: £173,094
Price change in the past 2 years: 9.82%%


Bridlington – North East

If you are looking for a place that is good for your money then Bridlington may be the place for you, although it doesn’t scream ‘holiday home’ it does actually have something to offer

Just a bit off from Scarborough situates Bridlington; it’s a less busy location that can be great for some peace and quiet, even in the summer holidays. It is perfect for large families with small children. There is something for everyone, as they would say. Its seaside attractions, large beaches and bustling town can bring a very warm feel to the area. People for comfortable.

Average Bridlington House Price: £134,069
Price change in the past 2 years: 8.64%

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