We all love to travel, but sometimes getting out and seeing the world just isn’t that great for our budget. If you’re hoping to travel this year, here are some tips for saving money so you can travel for longer:


Be smart with your money

Many people are continuing to change their money at the airport, which is a mistake since you’re probably going to lose the most money here. Instead, look online for companies that trade currencies and check out comparison websites.

Another great idea is to get a travel currency card. You won’t need to go into a shop to change your money and instead you’ll have a card with numerous “wallets” which are different currencies depending on where you’re travelling. You can then load up these wallets with the different currencies and when you’re travelling it will automatically take the money from the correct wallet. This also allows you to lock in a currency at a good price. There are also prepayment options that allow you to swap currencies with travellers online so you get a better exchange rate and don’t lose money on high commissions from the bank.

If you’re considering betting on sport, do it online so you can save money that you would spend betting in real life. You’ll find that your travel fund expands if you spend more time betting at home and less time out at the casino or sports bar.


Travel light

The only reason airlines can afford to offer low fares is because they’re making up all of the money with extra fees- particularly baggage. If you exceed your baggage allowance at all you’ll know that you’re not getting out of a big sting to your wallet, particularly if you’re flying with a low-cost airline.

Many of these airlines also charge huge fees to simply check a bag, so your best option is going to be to only take a carry on bag. If this seems intimidating, keep in mind that you can easily pack for a week with just a carry on bag, as long as you choose the right clothes and pack smartly.

Many people are also beginning to use baggage courier services. These save you lots of money and are super convenient since you won’t be waiting at the carousel with everyone else after your flight and instead you’ll find your bag delivered directly to your hotel.

Take insurance

I know what you’re thinking: “How is spending money on insurance going to save me money?” It may seem counterintuitive, but if you get hurt or injured, lose your bags, misplace your passport or miss your flight when you’re overseas, you may be out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Choosing to take travel insurance is the best way to cover yourself in the event that anything unforeseen happens while you’re travelling, saving you plenty of money that you would spend paying for medical bills, getting an emergency passport or booking new flights.

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