We all spend time daydreaming about our next holiday, about boarding the plane and being whisked off to our little slice of paradise – whatever and wherever that is for you. However, sometimes the reality of planning, along with time or financial constraints can be enough for you to throw up your arms in frustration and say, ‘not this year, maybe next year’. The good news? Taking a tour can eliminate a lot of the stressors that cause us to put our trips on the backburner. Here are some reasons to consider a touring holiday in 2019 – and make next year your year.

Let someone else take care of your holiday planning

Holidays are riddled with decision making; where to go, where to stay, what to do, when to visit that art gallery, how to get there, and how to buy your entrance tickets (and is it worth getting the skip the line passes, instead of the regular ones)? It can make your head spin.

We holiday to distance ourselves from the responsibilities and pressures of everyday life, so to some, the thought of being responsible for all the decision making on holidays (and in the lead up) is exhausting. Taking a holiday is good for our mental health and joining a group tour alleviates the stresses that come with planning it. You can travel easy knowing that your journey has been shaped by insider knowledge with tried and tested experiences, so you can just kick back and enjoy (it is a holiday after all!).


Get more out of your time away

If you’re short on time, then you’ll want to get the most out of every moment abroad. Touring frees up the time you would otherwise spend planning along the way, as well as hours standing in queues – the logistics are all taken care of and you can skip the line into the main attractions.

Touring also gives you access to experiences that you may not have a chance to enjoy independently, so you can get under the skin of a destination and really get the most out of your holiday. With travellers increasingly wary of the crowds in classically popular destinations, more people are likely to go in search of destinations off the beaten path in 2019 – some of which can be difficult to truly experience independently, particularly if you are short on time.


Get value for money

If you only hear a faint jingle when you shake your piggy bank and worry that it may not be financially viable take a trip in 2019, then touring may be the answer. Tour operators have more buying power and the costs are split amongst the group, which generally offers better value than trying to purchase the same inclusions and experiences on your own. If you are travelling solo, you also have the option to share a room with a same-sex roommate on the tour, as opposed to paying the full price for accommodation on your holiday.

With everything from bare-bones budget itineraries to luxurious journeys there is a variety of touring styles to choose from. Knowing what your holiday is going to cost beforehand means you can budget accordingly and eliminate any unwanted surprises along the way!


Make new friends and share experiences

Group travel fosters the perfect environment to make new friends and share some of the most memorable moments of your life. You’ll form unique bonds with people who have similar values and interests and develop lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life. This social dynamic will be different depending on your group size, and you can choose to travel on an intimate small group tour or with up to 50 other fellow passengers.

Being surrounded by kindred spirits can also boost your confidence and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone – going to places and trying things that you may be hesitant to do alone. Your travel companions, as well as your guide, provide a supportive network to throw yourself into new experiences while feeling safe and secure. This sense of security extends to your ‘me’ time. On tour you have the freedom to explore sans group if you wish, but you will still be able to tap into the insider knowledge and recommendations of your guide.

Travel conscientiously

Choosing a group tour with a reputable tour operator means you can be confident that the right choices are being made on your behalf. You can relax knowing your amazing memories are not being made at the detriment of the places, communities and environments you are visiting. It is often hard to understand and navigate the complex impacts of your travels without reliable guidance.

On tour there is no need for the moral turmoil that comes with questions like whether it is OK to buy from the children, or whether the elephants are being treated well at the sanctuary you want to visit. Often, you don’t even know what questions you should be asking when you travel. Responsible tour operators ensure that your journey is culturally and environmentally sensitive. They work hand in hand with local communities to establish sustainable tourism ventures that give back and channel significant funds into the regions they visit.


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