If you are vacationing in Hong Kong or visiting for a business trip, then you may be interested in doing some stellar shopping in Kowloon. The city is known as the most luxurious area in Hong Kong and offers a unique opportunity to experience culture while finding great deals. Here are some of the best places to stop and shop, though you will want to be prepared to haggle a good deal!



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There are several streets in this area that sell a variety of wares, including souvenirs, electronics, and food. You can check out the electronics on Sai Yeung Choi Street South. Golden ornaments are sold on Nathan Road. You can also find jewelry, designer clothes, and local produce in Mongkok. Be prepared for a crowded and pushy shopping experience, where you will need to bargain hard and be frank if you aren’t interested.

Festival Walk

One million square feet and six levels of numerous boutique shops make for an exciting shopping experience in this giant complex. From the Apple Store to Godiva, there is something for everyone at Festival Walk. You can also stop by Hong Kong’s largest ice skating rink or stop for something refreshing at one of the many restaurants or bars located within the confines.

Harbour City Shopping Mall

Pick up a map before you try to navigate the 5 levels containing over 700 shops and 50 restaurants of Harbour City. You can browse with the free WiFi offered here as you peruse the shops. Like many malls, this shopping center caters to higher-end shops and is pricier than other markets in the area where you can find knock-offs, resale, and late season purchases for less.

Temple Street Market


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One of the liveliest markets at night, the Temple Street Market has all kinds of products at very low prices. This is the place to bargain for lower prices on cheap items. If you like to be frugal on your trips and search for inexpensive food, free entertainment, and cheap hotels in Kowloon, then this is the right stop for you.

Ladies Market

Whether you are a male or female, the ladies market will have clothing and accessories galore to fit your every need. You will need to haggle down prices because the initial tags are much higher than the true value of the items here. If you don’t enjoy the haggling process of bickering over prices with vendors, then the Ladies Market is not for you. Electronics here are not reliable, and most guides warn against purchasing them at this location.

Apliu Street


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Looking for bargain electronics? The tightly packed Apliu Street Market offers a variety of vendors and products, including the option of paying in second-hand trades. It’s best to consider your needs and do price checking beforehand, since the packed crowds and eager vendors will push you to spend more than you originally wanted.

Hopefully, you brought an empty suitcase or two when scheduling your flights to Kowloon. By the time you finish shopping throughout Kowloon and other districts in Hong Kong, you may find yourself short on packing space. Enjoy your time and remember to stick to your guns because most prices can be whittled down quite a bit.

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