You’re a frequent traveler. Whether these trips are job-related, family visits, or well-deserved vacations, you spend a significant time away from the apartment you call home. Whether your domicile is already covered by renter’s insurance or a policy is under consideration, there is an often unknown perk to this investment of interest to those who travel often: coverage while you are on the road.

You may wonder if such coverage is an expensive proposition. Prices vary, but renters insurance quotes for your zip code are probably much lower than you think. This modest investment covers damage caused by leaky plumbing, loss of possessions due to a natural disaster, theft, medical care for someone injured in your apartment, liability if a neighbor bitten by your pet initiates a lawsuit (including a lawyer who will work on your behalf), and more. The protection guarantees peace of mind while traveling: you do not have to worry about your possessions during your time away from home.

But what about the things you take with you? Whether someone cleans out your vehicle or makes off with your things from your hotel room, rental insurance has you covered.


Here is an incredible story of a couple traveling to Spain for a wedding. When their possessions were stolen from their rental car’s trunk, they contacted the police and obtained a report. Unfortunately, the unhappy couple learned that credit card companies would not cover the cost of wedding attire and other valuable items.

They were devastated until relatives suggested that their rental insurance could help. Even though the couple did not have an inventory of what was in their luggage, the insurer accepted the proofs of ownership they were able to provide—and reimbursed them fewer than ten days after they filed their claim.

How does renters insurance provide this benefit? The answer is that those who rent, not the place they live in, are recipients of this protection. Just like it safeguards you from liability and your belongings from loss at home, the coverage goes with you anywhere in the world. It’s important to learn the details of the benefits of any policy you are considering. (Some insurers require you to obtain additional coverage—well worth it if you travel often with costly sports equipment, jewelry, or apparel.)

Renters insurance has another benefit for frequent travelers. If you’re attending a convention in Beijing and a burglar invades your apartment in Boston, rest assured that your renters policy is there for you. Provided that the domicile has not been vacant (meaning that neither residents nor guests have spent at least one night there for between 30 and 60 days), the insurance covers your property from A to Z.

Whatever a person’s stage, or station, in life, renters insurance is a benefit worth having. Whether you are a college student living on a budget making the trek between home and school or a baby boomer–who may have made the move from your own home to a rented apartment or with a rental at your home away from home–taking advantage of retirement to frequent the friendly skies, rental insurance is a beneficial acquisition. The protection it offers is worth its modest investment, for peace of mind while traveling is essential for a pleasant, uplifting trip. Happy travels.

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