A trip to the Bluegrass State is something you will never forget. Kentucky offers more than just chicken, and you would be missing out on many wonderful things by not exploring this wonderful Commonwealth, from horse racing’s finest to stunning river rapids and paddling waterfalls.

Not Sampling the Famous Drinks 

Of course, Kentucky is famous for its array of cocktails and drinks. Bourbon is the pride of the state, and drinks like Jim Beam are famous all over the world. But like other food and drink delights, there’s nothing quite like sampling it from the horse’s mouth. For this reason alone, it is vital that you book yourself and friends and family on a Kentucky bourbon tour that lets you sample the real spirit of the state’s finest alcoholic beverages in the home they were born in.

Missing Out on Horse Races

Besides drinks, the Bluegrass state is, of course, known for its famous horse races like the Kentucky Derby. Whether you enjoy gambling or not is irrelevant, as you don’t have to bet. Just being around one of the greatest races in the world is an experience you will never forget. Some of the world’s finest jockeys race the world’s most impressive equine athletes, and no two derbies are ever the same when the races begin at the world-famous Churchill Downs.

National Parks and a Trip to the Bluegrass State

Kentucky is one of the best places to catch the true spirit of America. No more so than when you visit one or more of the six, yes six, national parks that the state hosts. These include Mammoth Cave National Park and Big South Fork National River. These are among some of the most unique places within the US and feature animals such as the iconic US wild turkey, American black bears, and groundhogs, all doing what they do in their natural habitat for you to see.

Missing the Unique Paddling Trips

There are almost 50,000 miles of river crisscrossing the state of Kentucky, and you would definitely miss out on some of the most spectacular places on Earth if you don’t visit a few of these. Most are pretty basic rivers, but some are designated as wild and scenic. You can even paddle your way to underground water grottos through scenic falls and streams in an LED-lit kayak. There, you may be lucky enough to see rainbow trout, brown bats, and unique geology.

Don’t Ignore the Vast History of Kentucky

As one of the oldest states, Kentucky is rich in history. For example, you may assume Lincoln was born in Illinois because that’s where he spent most of his life, but he was born in Kentucky. As such, you can visit the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. Other historic national parks include Cumberland Gap, Fort Donelson, and the Trail of Tears. Museums of interest you shouldn’t miss include the Muhammad Ali Center and the Corvette Museum.


Not booking a drinks tour would be a mistake on a trip to the Bluegrass state. You must also take a trip to one of the six national and historic parks. And try to pop into one of the many museums.

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